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10 style tips for men, from a woman

Generally speaking, I'm useless with style. I asked my friend Victoria from GreenShag to give me some tips. She makes tailored dress shirts for men, so she knows a thing or two about style! Anyhow, she sent me an article she wrote, and even though I usually only blog about tech stuff, this is totally blog-worthy. Oh, and the fact that most techie geeks also have no clue about style, so this is a great reference!

If you find these tips useful, you may want to consider purchasing Grooming Secrets For Menâ„¢, The Ultimate Guide.

Have confidence.
We don't care if you are wearing a fig leaf. If you have confidence (and maybe don a pair of sunglasses) you can pull it off.

Smell good.
Don't overdo it. But a nice subtle scent will take you a long way. A good friend of mine just wears Old Spice Deodorant (don't laugh, he gets tons of compliments on the way he smells)- it's not over the top and most women connect with a classic.

It's in the shoes.
There are two types of shoes. Classic and Trendy. It doesn't matter which one you choose, but if you are into the classics (like a good British Brogue) you get what you pay for. A classic shoe should last you your entire life, so invest in something well known and well made. If trendy is your thing, you don't necessarily need to break the bank. These shoes should take you through 3 seasons at the most, so keep this in mind while you shop.

Hair (we are talking the kind on top of your head).
If you don't have it, shear it off – period. There is a real feeling of freedom that comes with a closely groomed head. If you do, then go to a good stylist. Your hair is the one accessory you need to wear every day. It's worth a great cut.

Don't be afraid of colour, it livens things up.
Perhaps your favorite colour is blue? I'm sure it looks good on you… but if everything you own is blue – it's bloody boring. Try to shake it up. White, Brown, Grey, Pink and orange are all good alternatives.

Own at least one pair of Designer jeans.
Yes. They have really gone up in cost over the last couple of years but they really make an outfit. They should be comfortable with just the right amount of room. The pockets should make your ass look hot (and these days, those designers are genius when it comes to that) + the length should be just long enough so that there is about 1/2 inch from the bottom of your shoe. If the place you buy them at doesn't hem and you need them to be, make sure you get it done professionally.

Men's accessories are really taking off. Maybe you have noticed at your favourite menswear haunt – the amount of accessories available have almost tripled in recent years. Perhaps it's a flash of colour at your wrist (wearing style on your sleeve is so debonair) or a fantastic bag. Style is the ability to put an outfit together that shows your personality. Accessories can really help you with that. [edit from Justin: maybe a pair of GreenShag's cuff links can take care of that? ;)]

Try Custom.
You can waste a lot of money buying shirts, suits and pants that don't quite fit you properly. It doesn't do it to 'sort of' like something. When you put something on it should give you confidence because you know if accentuates the good things and camouflages the others. It should make you feel like a million bucks, this is what custom does.

A stellar wardrobe should be full of custom and classic pieces. You can then update with a couple of trendy pieces here and there. This might cost you initially, but think of it like building your dream house, you need to start with a great foundation because once you have that, everything else will sit properly.

A clean shaven face = more action. Have you ever tried making out with a hairbrush? Think about it.

If you find these tips useful, you may want to consider purchasing Grooming Secrets For Menâ„¢, The Ultimate Guide



  1. It was funny reading your post about style. This weekend I bought an $84 dollary suit from Target and I swear the thing is awesome. So as far as style.. don't go nuts.. I'll bet I could fake all you style guys out with my new $84 suit. 🙂


  2. אאוץ

    great… but i can tell you that my self. now how to fake confidence it is a mystery. my why is taking a girl friend to buy to you.

  3. Great thanks for the info, but why fake confidence? Just make sure you look good, confidence will come, btw the entered website is not my own, just how i got here.

  4. Hey
    These :style tips: are written by a woman !

  5. I disagree with Tom. You really need confidence first. Confidence will give you what you need to pull all of this stuff together. If you are not confident you will never be able to wear that pink or orange shirt or pick that trendy pair of shoes or wear that classic suit that really makes you stand out. Love her, love yourself and let the clothes you put on amplify who you are. That's the total package.

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