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Taking another look at online backup

So, a while ago I started looking into online backup providers. I've always backed up my home computers on a somewhat regular basis, but I realize that there's a shortcoming to my backup system. Basically, I'm backing up my files, photos, music, tax info, etc to a writable DVD, and also copying the backup files to a second hard drive. But they both still stay in my house. So if they were ever stolen or my house burned down or something, that would mean "goodbye" to my backup files.

In the past the notion of using an Online Backup provider would have been completely unfeasible. The cost was far too prohibitive, only big businesses could afford it. However, now that data storage space and bandwidth are dirt cheap, there are some great companies popping up, that offer very affordable solutions for home users.

I first used XDrive, but I can't get their stupid program to work on my home computer. I'm considering switching to IDrive-E, they provide the first two Gigabytes of storage absolutely free. That's enough for all of my files, minus my music. I guess the clincher will be if they provide FTP access to my backup drive, because I'd also like to be able to backup my website files remotely.

If any of my readers have used IDrive-E, please comment with your opinions. They look pretty solid so far!

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  1. About a week ago I lost power and ended up having a drive fail on my main file server. No worries though because I had my data drive mirrored. After taking the weekend to get everything up and running I got to thinking along the same lines…yeah it was great to have a backup drive to recover from but as you mentioned, what happens if I loose the house to a fire or something. Years of work down the drain! I will definitely be taking a look at IDrive-E in the future…thanks for the recommendation. Have you had a chance to give them a try?

  2. Actually, I'm still using Xdrive, and it seems to be working OK for me now. The clincher will be whoever first has a Mac client, and FTP connectiom

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