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Play Swords and Sandals free online

Add another flash to my ever-growing list! This one is called Swords and Sandals, and it should work on school computers!

Instructions on how to play
Create a gladiator, arm him up with a variety of armour and weapons, and send him into battle against a horde of crazy gladiators.



  1. this game is not working mr.cook

  2. like it wont load up and it is making me mad to the max. i want to play this game. the screen is white and i cant see anything. it is making me mad. ggggrrrrr!!!

  3. It's not loading up on mine, either…Actually none of the games are loading up on my computer…Any ideas why this might be so, Mr.Cook? It is a school computer.

  4. This game is not working it's wasting my time now

  5. this is not working and is one of my fav games fix it plz justin plz

  6. It works on home computers, havnt tried it in school. what does it matter now anyway? its the holidays for most of us


  7. it worked for me at school and at home (grate game)

  8. it worked for me at home and school its a great game

  9. why does it only go to level 4? it says i was defeated when i killed the other guy every time

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