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Play Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled free online

I've had a request from one of my readers (or better known as gamers), to place Bubble Struggle 2 on here. I'd never heard of the game, but apparently they blocked the site on school computers. So here it is, I hope it works!

Anyhow, leave your high scores in the comments!

Hey high school students, I need your opinion here!

The goal of this flash game is to destroy all the dangerous bubbles. They bounce around the screen, and you can split them into smaller components, finally destroying them altogether (like Asteroids?).



  1. Highscore: 774744! how cool is that
    i got to twenty nine on one go from the beginning without losing any lives when i first started!
    any tips on how to do level 66?

  2. hey guys i am on level 66 help!!!

  3. Hello, i live in England and dont get up at 7! i get up at half 5! i am stuck on level 45! please help!!!!!!!

  4. tell us how to complete 34 on two player cooprative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. now i'm stuck on levl 43. someone please please help

  6. i liked the game but i cant get passed lvl 20 any help

  7. hi level 72 is really hard because it has all the types of bubbles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey justin i love this website just like i love you!

  9. yo I luv this website too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i am on level 33 and i made it down to one last bubble and i lost it! its SOO hard i need help but i do love this game alot of people in my grade have already beat it.. i guess im just not that good! haha

  11. I keep running out of time on lvl 46 when i have two mini bubbles left.
    The way to get past lvl 46 is to do the left orange bubble then the right orange bubble and then the purple bubbles
    hope this helps

  12. hi lala what is an HSC or IB oh and also i am on lvl 72 how do you do it any tips

    lol from Emzies

  13. anyone able to provide detailed helpmon lvl 45? i need help!

  14. vanessa said,

    on October 26th, 2007 at 5:44 pm do you pause? Everytime my teacher walks by i have to die and start over.

    hit menu…. it pauses and give u 2 choices return to game or quit to main menu

  15. i cant get past level 68 can you help and for level 45 you just stand between the rungs of the far left hand ladder and shoot like theres no tomorrow and get all the time thingys

  16. beat level 72 10 times its not impossible

    to beat shoot down the flower on the far right then get the time freeze between the E and the N only when the two greens are close to each other

    take out the far left freeze if you need more time

    my strategy is to get rid of the green, then red, then the pentagons, leaving the black for last

    for the black make sure you take them out carefully because there is a poor game design and the small black bubble can get stuck on the top of the N causing you to lose

  17. level 45 go around the outside until you get to the big bubble in the middle

    shoot two or three bubble pick up the time

    go over to the ladder on the far left press up and climb the ladder a little then climb down and stand right there

    just hold the spacebar or w/e you shoot button is and pick up the time bonuses but remeber not to waste them because they will be stacked so pick them up periodically

    you will get a red sheild and double spear thats when you leave your corner and dont miss on you way to the right and you should beat the level but it may take a few tries

  18. hii.xx This Game Rocks!!! LoL !!! Can't Get Past Level 45 Though !!!

  19. I am OBSESSED with rebubbled!
    Thx Justin!!

  20. wow justin this site is AMAZING. IT has truely saved my life. I was wondering if someone knew of any cheats that could help me out with bubble trouble 2. Thanks

    Linz says hey

  21. Justin Cook u shood win 'best wbsite EVA' I MEAN some wb sites r kool but u rok da house. -Hollsta (smiles all round!!)

  22. Who was it that said all 67 levels finished? Theres 72…

    and how can you people be stuck on things like level 9…it starts getting hard at 45, then all the levels in between that and 68 are hard, 68 is a killer, and then 72 is prett difficult…but I finished it all 😀

    thanks justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. it is a very cool game esspecially when ur bored thanks for putting it o ur website mate good job

  24. i dont like bubble stuggle 1 its to ezy i like this game better

  25. hi justin cook i think ur web is cool

  26. Thanks now i can play behind my teachers back 🙂

  27. hi justin what you up to .anyway how do you get passed level 22 it is hard i m not that good at this but my brother is he is up to level 27 i had his help with some of the levels but he is not here at the moment he is up at someone place oh and i hate how fast the time goes and there is no time on staying alive why not? so i aways play rebubbled it is fun to play and sometimesmy brother com,es out and talkjs in my ear andit makes it hard to consentrat.

  28. heyy bubble struggle isnt showing up on this website any more for me how do i get it back?

  29. bubble stuggle 2 rebubble = awsome
    i love it =D

  30. a reely good game thanks ill play it write away after i have finsed this
    i cant live with out it my hobby is breakdancing

  31. HEY loving da game bbz. it iz well da shizz… findin dat old levl 45 well ard doe… but yh passd it innit.. lv ya jutinnn..BRAP BRAP from BIG G and LITTEL T

  32. hello everybody, thanks to your tips, i was sucessfully able to complete level 45. however, i am stuck on level 46. if anyone has ant tips to beating this level, please tell me.

    thanks heaps


  33. Justin, you totally rock dude! I'm sorry bout my sister jenny stalking you online, but don't worry, she broke her commputer, so she can't use technology anymore. 🙂 😀

  34. hello everyone,

    i am REALLY STUCK on level 58. if anyone has any tips, please tell me soon!!!!!!!!!



  35. how do i get past lvl 50!!!?? its hard!

  36. hi this game is not workin yet but i dont need to work be hind my teachers back because he is mint**

  37. i love your game thanx for putin then on there my sister amd i play on it all the time we love it too!

  38. oh and you know the adverts and how its so annoying waiting the 10 seconds? i know its not long but it tres tres anoying 🙂
    Well all ya have 2 do is click on the top corner of the box, and drag down to the middle of the advert. Let go, and there will only be 4 seconds left.

    M xx

  39. ok I have a question how do u beat the last part of level 25 cause I can't seem to be able to get past it.

  40. this game is fun i live in melbourn this game is the fun this is the best game ever

  41. leavle 51 is a killer it is so hard but if you get dubble sheld it is preaty easy it is a cool bubble and it is fun the part about this game is about having fun the for listling to my comment i hope you win bye

  42. Hey Justin, tanx so much for this! The teachers at our school blocked this, so I'm super happy 🙂

  43. i can not pass leavle 37 bwcause it is so hard pleae help me ?????????

  44. hi can not pas leavle 72 it is a kiler bye i live in melbourn

  45. i can not pass leavle 40 it is a pain in the ars help ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  46. Yo, I just pwned all you noobs. You don't even know. I didn't even use cheat codes which i know some of you did. I beat the whole game by myself, and I beat two player with my homie dawg. Made it to lvl 34 on Stayin' Alive. I'm just uncomparable. You can't beat the best dawg!

  47. dood all i get is a white screen
    do you how to fix it btw sweet website

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