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Play Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled free online

I've had a request from one of my readers (or better known as gamers), to place Bubble Struggle 2 on here. I'd never heard of the game, but apparently they blocked the site on school computers. So here it is, I hope it works!

Anyhow, leave your high scores in the comments!

Hey high school students, I need your opinion here!

The goal of this flash game is to destroy all the dangerous bubbles. They bounce around the screen, and you can split them into smaller components, finally destroying them altogether (like Asteroids?).



  1. Thanks Justin. 🙂
    Luv Rocky xxx

  2. Why does this keep saying ' ERROR CONNECTING TO SERVER ' all thee time ?

    All 67 Levels XD

    First time i finished ON HERE.

  4. i cant do 45 so help please

  5. great game! thanks

  6. yesh yesh i finished itttttttttttttttttt!!
    wkd lol

  7. hey justin-cook can i have ur hotmail adress to talk about games reply soon please

  8. what do you mean "talk about games"?

  9. i mean up comin games that are coming up because you run a game site wb soon

  10. I tried to email you, but I get a bounceback, saying invalid email address…

  11. hey bubble trouble iz gd but it shouldnt be timed

  12. hey i like bubble trouble but i dont like the time system !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Can anyone help me? In level 32, I can't get up to the blue bubble. I tried the bouncy things but I can never get far enough o.O

  14. Thanks tons I can pay at school now, sweet

  15. what do i have te put as nickname it keaps telling me problem 1 – dublicate entry 'o' for key 2

  16. I wouldn't bother putting in nickname, I can't guarantee that it works

  17. Heloo

    I don't know if this is just because the rebubbled site is down, but the game is saying 'please play through

    thanks for having it on here too 🙂

  18. Yea i like Bubble Struggle, and its best with the timer :D.

  19. i cant pass lvl 45!!!!! any tips

  20. 11250 points! wooh. to beat level 45, when you get to the giant duplicating bubble, just hit it a few times and then stand between the rungs of the ladder on the far left side. easy as pie

  21. my bubble struggle won't work… all the boxes in the menu come up blank?!?

  22. I love this game!!!! but i agree the timein is stupid!!! lol i love the site plz keep doing………. whatever it is you do justin…… W00t

  23. Does anyone no any tips for level 45


  25. hey yall its miley here and i love this game like i play it all the time i get up to level 20

  26. for level 45 hit the big bubble a couple of times for the +time
    and then stand on the left side of the screen inbetwwen the 2 ladders
    just stay there and shoot at the bubble when they come 2 you
    its pretty hard but you should be able to do it after a few tries 🙂

  27. Hi, I want to tell you that this game is not working on my computer i don't know what happen but can you help me please so i can play this game because i love this game

  28. how do you pause???cuz everytime my teacher walks by i always have to game over then start a new one.

  29. do you pause? Everytime my teacher walks by i have to die and start over.

  30. i can't do level 45 can you ?!?

  31. this is the best game ever

  32. how do you beat level 66 asked vinny

  33. how many levels are there? please answer! i've keep passin levels and hoping i beat it but then there are more!

  34. this game rox!!!!!!!*****!!!!!

    from emily Bobnbinzz

  35. thank you so much for the help with level 45! its so hard, but its much easier, when i just use that hint. (=
    JUST STAND BETWEEN THE LADDERS IN THE LEFT SIDE AND WAIT FOR THE BUBBLES! (: thank you so much for the help 'wee' (:

  36. you can pause your game by pressing menu

    hope i helped

    ps. lvl 45 is a bitch but as long as you stay on the left side inbewtween the ladders its possible

  37. ahha helps school go faster playin this the whole dayyy!!!!

  38. HELP level 27

    HELP level 29

  40. How do you do lvl 46? I thought 45 was hard but i've changed my mind!!! Help somebody!!!

  41. This is a fun game but it is really hard with to players when the second on ehas to use the letters

  42. I finished the game, woot woot. Some of those levels were extremely hard.

  43. Hey

    I lov dis game bt can't get past levl 68 plz halp me

    Any tips Justin

    it goes higher than levl 67

  44. Hey kam

    Wat level does it go up 2!!!!

  45. hey arista we beat the damn game and no it wasn't hard

  46. hey robo arm how is it hanging

  47. level 72, i think its impossible

  48. for lvl 46 which bubble do you hit first, it's impossible

  49. Anyone know a trick to beating level 50?

  50. LoL if you finidhed this game your are game freaks and should spend more time studying for school, i mean how are you going to achieve in life? so i have a challenge for you.. ahem.. Get off your B*M and go do homework for the HSC or IB

    losaluv a little concerned person

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