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Play Yeti Jungle Swing online

Well, it started with Penguin baseball, then it was Penguin darts. Now our favourite Yeti is back for some real competition, this time with the Jungle Swing, a portion of Yeti Sports 8.

Try to reach the tree's top by swinging and jumping from branch to branch. You can get bonus points etc, so leave your high scores in the comments!



  1. Ugh, this game is soooo hard!

  2. will you get text twist, please?

  3. unfortunately text twist is not a flash game, it's Java based, and Java games are a pain in the butt. I'll look around for a flash version of text twist though

  4. ive never palyed this game but im going to try to if this computer lets me

  5. Can u add any of the thing thing games?

  6. THIS GAME DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i kill these game,all you's lot are dudes
    i am Yeti Jungle Champion
    Love Dave …x

  8. ughhhh java script games are impossible to load on a school computer -_-…..

  9. This isnt working wtf i love this game so much that i had a heart attack when i found out that it didnt work now i dont want to have another one and i am sitting here crying cus i want to play the game so much but it wont let me now im SAD =(

  10. can someone post a few internet proxies on here i can barely get around my school firewall i need some web proxies!!!!

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