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How to convert your old videos to DVD

So my grandmother recently called me to ask if I could work on some old family videos that she's had for years. Apparently, because I "work with computers", it's assumed that I can do everything, including convert 8mm film to dvd. In reality however, I'm an Online Marketing Specialist, I don't do any video conversion other than streaming videos on my websites. So, I recommended that she look for a shop that the 8mm film to dvd conversion for her.

It turns out that it's not exactly the easiest service to locate. A lot of local shops are pretty shady, it's hard to tell how good of a job they'll do. And they won't provide a guarantee – if it turns out bad they can easily blame the film quality! So anyhow, looking online for film transfer services, I found the Video Conversion Experts. I would feel much safer recommending my grandmother to them. They guarantee your satisfaction, and are even able to improve the final picture quality! I don't know enough about pricing to tell you how they compare to the competition, but it seems pretty reasonable for the level of service that they promise. I also really like that they've provided a gallery of past conversions, it gives you a good idea of the quality of the DVD that you'll be getting.

You may however, want to try a more upscale production if you're looking for corporate videos instead of just home videos.


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