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An interesting new link building service

As all online marketers know, acquiring solid inbound links is essential for the success of any website. Search engines may index your site and its content, but it's not until you start to get real links that you'll achieve decent search ranking positions. This is simply because search engines count inbound links as "votes" for your site, and the more votes you receive, the more search engines will believe that you are what you claim, and they'll reward you by listing your site higher when people search on keywords related to your content. Of course, the quality of inbound links needs to be considered as well, but that's a whole separate article's worth of explanation for that!

So yeah, that's the basic concept behind a link-building campaign, which is a major component of SEO. Now, it can be very tedious and time-consuming to go out and look for said links yourself. Often, it's simpler and more efficient to outsource your link building to a professional or a company. There are many providers of this service, and LinkBuildingVault is one of them. Basically, they provide High Quality Permanent one way link popularity building services on a monthly fee basis. The major distinguishing factor I can see with this provider is that they place a huge emphasis on quality. It appears that the majority of their link building is done through blogs, and they're very strict on staying away from spammy blogs.

I'm actually quite impressed with the offering. It's good to see a service that isn't simply trying to grab as much business as possible by charging some ridiculously low rate, and promising thousands of backlinks. Their prices aren't dirt cheap, and that's a strong indication that the quality of their service is good. I can state with utmost certainty that investing your link building budget with them would provide better ROI than going with a handful of cheaper providers, even if it costs you the same.

Anyhow, if you're not fully convinced, at least check out the LinkBuildingVault Blog. You'll get some useful SEO & Link building advice, and no doubt you'll learn a little more about their service – which in turn will enable you to decide how trustworthy they are.



  1. Hi Justin, Very useful article on link building. Quality and quantity of links is very important in order to help drive your site up the ranks of search engines. I wanted to check out the Link Building Vault but unfortunately either the link is broken or the site is down.

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