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OK, so I'm running out of ideas here. You know you can play flash games from school on my site. But what games would you like to see? Let me know by putting your requests in the comments field below!

If I can find a flash version of the game you request, I should be able to put it on the site.



  1. can you post digdug on here? my friend next to me is dying to play and we can find it on any website not blocked at school..kinda sad.. well if you can it would be great. thanks.

  2. get a game called football quilladeral its on miniclip

  3. i played a game last year at school it was about setting up debri and blocking zombies from getting to your dudes…its like in a mall and endless….any 1 have an idea

  4. hay man!

    love your site it gets me through the school day and secretly i play your games at home too! xD

    so id like to ask if you would put star trek broken mirror 1 or 2 on your site. it might be hard to get but no worrues if you cant get it! ty

  5. hey justin well i just palyed a new game called warfare 1914 its awsome but i cant go no at school could you plaese add it thx

  6. Hey I love this site but do you think you could get the grow games they are so much fun also interactive buddy!

  7. okay i have a few proxies for you.
    but the best way to get proxies to your e-mail is when you go home. go to a pc that has internet availiable. and go to then search proxy list of the day. go to a link that sounds interesting. and go to the bottom of the site and it says subscribe. and enter your e-mail. and everyday at least 12 new proxies are made and the e-mail providers send you an e-mail with proxies. all of this is absolutley free. i swear. or go to this link i if you want some proxies i can give you some. just message me at

  8. Get Monkey Snowball Fight on ur website. Its on mini clip.

  9. how about "portal". theres a flash version on newgrounds but i cant play on that at school, they've blocked all proxys and all fun sites.

  10. Hey dude, can you put on there? Me and my friends at school like it but we just can't play it because of the know what im saying?

  11. hey man u need some new games im bored of these ones. Please get new games any type

  12. man im bored common get soem new games that I can play at school. Some games have a white screen tho.

  13. u should but on a game called warzone tower defence at they block the web site at my school so i wnt u 2 but that game on here plz

  14. runescape rules

  15. alright there's these 3 awesome sniper games: Clear vision
    Clear vision 2
    Clear vision elite
    Plz put these on there

  16. Could you get a game called `Fish Eat Fish'? It's kinda dumb, but it's fun :p thanks in advance :]

    nice site ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. well, im at school atm. and if i visit a site 3 times within a day, it is blocked. and someone did that for the games page on this site so i cant browse them anymore =(

  18. You guys seem to be talking about Epic War (1) to me. Luv the game, but I don't think you can play it at school.

  19. Super Stacker 2. It is an awesome game.

  20. drag racer v3 the racing flash game i found it on arcadeprehacks but i think its on kongregate also.and if you put it on here i know a cheat to get ass loads of cash.

  21. hey dude i need like wii online games and something to get past school blocks. it wont let me click on the online games subject. its retarded

  22. Dude you need some action games, theres a really good one called Staggy the Boy scout Slayer II (two)


  23. you need to put the "storm the house" series there is 1, 2, and 3 so those are pretty cool check them out

  24. I would like to see, Boxhead zombie wars and Thing Thing Arena 3 on your website.

  25. Boxhead Zombie Wars and Thing Thing Arena 3 would be a good addition to the site.

  26. Come on put some stuff oh here that works i want some good defense games man this site i kind of a fail nothing works

  27. i want like some racing games or something like action games…

  28. ps. dragon fable might do aswell. PPS: You gotta upgrade this site so it can play online adventur RPG. hurry up. no sorry, imiediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. i wish there were good games to play at school have you herd of a game called nuckeis i do not maen with hand nuckels it is deffrent

  30. can you please get the game warlords heroes for me please?

  31. The game is pinch hitter.

  32. could you plz get the nitto legends beta i have been trying to play it on my schools computer network but it keeps saying thats the game play server is blocked and i dont know how to get passed it

  33. i love you jusin. youre awesome, but you should try to put Stickman RPG on here. your website is one of the only websites i can get on at school to play games and all my friends have been telling me its a good one.. thanks –รขโ„ขยฅ– Kimberly Marie

  34. Drag racer v3

  35. Can somebody help mee??!?!?!? i can not get on to ANY of these the only thing i can get onto is a primary at school and the game is called snowline. i alredy beat it 4 times and its really boring now can you help me?? can you give me some things that will NOT be blocked?? and how about some proxy websites that work for ALL computera and ALL websites??? PLEEAAAASSEEE?!?!???? thank you it would REALLY mean a lot. thank you very much.

  36. theres this one game called epic war you can find it on there are also alot of popular games on there


  38. An jet fighter or helicopter game killing enemies

  39. Bejeweled would be appreciated…. but some of your games don;t work on my school computer ๐Ÿ™

  40. Hey, you should put Four Second Frenzy on here, ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. put on warlords 2. rise of the demons and warlords call to arms pleaaaaaaseeeee

  42. please put on raze,age of war,facebook and bloon Tower Defense 4 expansion.please please please please beging you!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰ (^^^)

  43. plz put BOXHEAD BOUNTY HUNTER 2!!! i want to play the best online game ever so please do it ASAP

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