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OK, so I'm running out of ideas here. You know you can play flash games from school on my site. But what games would you like to see? Let me know by putting your requests in the comments field below!

If I can find a flash version of the game you request, I should be able to put it on the site.



  1. dirt bike games like it

  2. um, well, you should definently put games that are shooting games, cause they are beast!

  3. there is a game called N thats really fun I played it on addictinggames

  4. Driving games!!!!!!!!!:)

  5. hey, how about putting a working proxy server so we can access all sites from school

  6. I'll look for more driving games. Also, I don't know if my host permits proxy servers, I'll look for one that does.

  7. how bout some tower defence games or turret games i love those strategiesh games

  8. ^^^agreed
    desktop tower defense or vector defense
    those games are the best to make time go by faster 😉

  9. when i click on "online games" from school, its blocked

  10. Please for the love of god theres this game I LOVE called N Ninja. I spent 2 days finding sites that i could play it on and i only found 2, and they're real low quality. It doesn't save your progress either. Addicting Games has a great copy of it. You'd be my new best friend if you could get that

  11. I would love to play some Mortal Kombat games.

  12. YO can u plz try and get runescape plzzzzz 😀

  13. Sorry, I can only put flash games on here

  14. Hey man, thanks for N Ninja. I'm almost through half of it on the school server. Apreciate it.

  15. There is a game on called Stalingrad its kind of like tower defender, but different. I think that its flash. If you could put that game on your site that would be awesome!:p

  16. hay thers this cool game flash hero on newgrounds plz i would love you if you got it and plz more toweer games i love them this is a cool site to get them frum ( chek it plz also (jay is has sum good gamesbut in jap so ya thanks if you can do that.

  17. ps: cant play your game (Play Desktop Tower Defense Free Online) that you put on it whont lode

    pps: im dislexic so not the best tiper or speller

  18. yo get some really cool games

  19. bmx games definately, like bmx rider from!

  20. the game Flow has been blocked at my school through the main Google link, so it would be awesome if it got put up on here.

  21. hey i was wondering if you could get this game called age of war, heres a link


  22. I would like to see games that are on site unaccesable such as last stand(zombie shooter) or the falling sand game.

  23. uh, qpwoeipwqeoirpqwoiepwoeirwpoeirwpeoriwpoei

    ummm,, yeah. u need shooting games fo sho

  24. adventure fighting midevil games. like yah hah. and and and you should have them have like things you can buy to make your guy better and and let you save the game when evr you want. yahyahayah hahsah

  25. i am from jarrow school and when i go on this site and click on online games its bloked so instead of online GAMES put flash online plz !!!!

  26. im not sure if ur still reading this or not but if u could get vector tower defense it would be awesome

    thanks justin!

  27. Driving games please 🙂

  28. boxhead is a very fun game from you should put it in your site

  29. there is this game on andkon arcade called dune buggy that is really fun that is kind of like dirt bike only its a dune buggy can you do this piz or get some other games like it thanks a lot

  30. yo justin there is a game called thing-thing. it is realley cool you think you can add it? you can get it on or crazy monkey. its a shooter game btw…

    thx justin

  31. there are a couple games that i would like to see on here, my favourite one being Portals, the flash version. if you could get that, I would be eternally greatful

  32. hey i would love some anme and manga games + some manga books u can read online that would be so awsome!!!!!

  33. yo there is a game called beplumbed which i played on my cuzns cellphone… if u can get that game on ur site would be greatly appreciated…

  34. funky truck arizona is a really easy but addictive game would be cool if you could publish that somewere thanks

  35. can u please put the game dance monkey dance on ur site? please and thank you

  36. You need to get ninjotic mayhem that game is hella fun

  37. oh and boom boom volleyball lol that fun to man i hope our school administrator dont block this site he just sits around all day hacking into our computers blocking game sites…peace

  38. hi… i am a junior in high school, and am in journalism class wondering HOW IN THE WORLD i can play my favorite game… we come in here alot, but all the sites that have cool games are blocked… i mean EVERYTHING… i am suprised that this site isn't blocked… but anyways… there is a game on that is called Zuma… and all you do it match the balls… and i am like deadly addicted to that game… and its like super easy…lol.. if you could get that game… i would get online at school everyday and play it… thanks in advance

  39. I figured how to my halo combat evolved server on my O drive at school we have huge lan battles every 5th period before lunch

  40. is there a way to get on runescape if its blocked?

  41. can you put "Madness Interactive" on here i would really appreciate it and its really fun.

  42. hey justin!! we lve the site!!! its incredinle!! we were wondering if u culd get Boxhead 2play rooms onto this site!! PLEASE!! its great! we BEG you to put it on the site!! ASAP!!!

    Mail me wen you can get it uploaded to the site!! many thnkz!! 😀

  43. someoneyoudontknow

    i wanna play that tower defence you have up there but i cant it loads but the game screen is just white >< i rly <3 tower defences too =(

  44. ok… so i get on here every time i get near a computer at school… and i want to play a mind numbing game. the only one that i love more than anything else is bejeweled… you can find it on or pretty much anywhere else…. so yeah… if you could get it up… i would be happy….
    sorry for the pun

  45. falling sand game

  46. Hm, would it be possible for you to put Castle Cat up here? Game is very fun and to be able to play it at school would be flippin' awesome!

  47. awwwwwww still wont let me on stupid school computers

  48. it dosent work i cant get on to any game on the school somputer its blocked!

  49. Mr. Dissapointed

    I'm with Amy, Even with this magical site of School firewall surpassing awesomeness, My game-playing progress is hindered. I dont know if it is because my school's computers do not support flash technology or that, In efforts to keep me bored at school, this site and my schools internet host are not compatible with eachother. For instance, some sites are loaded completely wrong and corrupted, but are not blocked. Although the minute I visit the site from home it works fine……. ARRRGGRGGHGGHRRHHH!!!!!!!!

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