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So one of my beloved gamers has requested some sort of defense or strategy flash game on my site. As with all of my games, this should most likely work on school computers. I don't really know how to play this flash game, so I'm going to assume that you do!

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know what level you get to!

Creeps enter from the top and also from the left. Your goal is to prevent them from reaching the other side, or you will lose lives. You start with 20 lives, and when they are all gone, the game is over.
1-9 selects a Tower & 0 deselects. U upgrades the selected Tower. S sells the selected Tower. Space to toggle pause. N Sends the next level early.
The Pieces
Towers are used to attack creeps and also to block their path. You buy a Tower by clicking on its image and then clicking somewhere on the map. There are 9 different towers to choose from, each with different abilities. Towers can be improved by buying upgrades.
Gold is earned by killing creeps, especially the boss creeps which come every 8 levels. You can spend Gold on buying Towers and upgrading them. SPAWNLET creeps do not give gold.
Each level (or 'wave') contains 20 creeps (or 10 on easy mode) which come onto the screen every 25 or so seconds. They cannot be stopped. Your only defense is to purchase Towers to attack them. Some waves have special abilities like FAST or FLYING. Also, after every 8th wave is a BOSS wave that is especially hard to kill.
Sell Timer
It takes a certain amount of time to sell a tower; this time goes up as you sell more towers.



  1. just wanted to congratulate you on your "blog of the day"!

    Happy posting!

  2. You mean to tell me that you didn't know your blog was selected for blog of the day…I came across it at Pay per post site…
    Stop by and check it out!

    So once again! congratulations!

  3. Very cool! I'll have to check and see how many visitors I got out of it.

  4. hi Justin,congrats on being the blog of the day on PPP.Visit myh page too sometime..happy Satuday evening.

  5. i tried playing this game at school. but it requires me to go to some other site which is blocked by the school….

    any help??? or ill jus play it at home…

  6. ah thank you justin!

  7. the game won't work on my school computer, its not blocked, it just shows up as white, the only game i can play on here is the helicopter game.

  8. 100 levels. How do i know? i was at about 60 ish and got bored. planted alot of snap towers and spammed "Send Next level" button. I lost 🙁

  9. on fun mode*

  10. there are only 50 levels on this game and there all so easy!!

  11. this game wont work at all. fix it Justin!!…….. please.

  12. I've done all I can now. What's the issue, is it a white screen?

  13. yes it is justin.

  14. so much for this game :'(

  15. what happened to the bubble game my sister plays it all the time and i want to play it 🙂

  16. at my school almost all of your online games dont even work on our computers, probably cause of the the flash player 🙁

  17. I got the white screen too. And my school uses almost nothing but computers so their internet system blocks any site that has the word "game" in it. Dx I was wondering if you would be able to put some games up that don't have "game" in the url?

    Oh. And almost all your games show up as just plain white screens. Any suggestions would be nice. Thank you! =D

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