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Play N Ninja Online for Free

So you want to be a ninja? N is a highly advanced system of ninja training and try to achieve mastery over all ninja skills.

You requested it, I'm posting it! This should most likely work on school computers. If it doesn't, please let me know.

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know what level you get to!

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  1. great game thnx for puttin it up

  2. this game is impossible!!!

  3. its impossible until you fix the jump key to up arrow it gets a little less impossible then

  4. Oh, thanks man, i love this game. I've beaten all episodes but the last one of 29 :(. Anyone reading this, before you play, click on the configure menu and change jump to anything but shift. Sticky keys are a big problem if you dont

  5. Justin, You are a beautiful creature. Every time I think about you I fade into a perfect world. I dream about holding you tight and I know, Someday, Somehow, I will. I love you, Justin. I love you. You are so sweet and so funny and creative. You make great games and I love them. But not as much as I love you. (Oh and By the Way, I only made it to level 4) But thats ok! You are all that matters to me. And someday well be playing Justin Cook Games together. Thats all.

    I love you hun…


  6. Katie, you're scaring me just a little!!

  7. Haha, Sorry Dude, I was just messin… Lol. Im REALLY addicted to this game though. lol. sorry bout that. ive played it every day for the last week!!
    Your a GENIOUS! (i donno how to spell that) haha! but yeah you are.

  8. Katie. You're Hilarious

  9. Hailey, Im typing to you even tho your sitting right next to me. LOL. Ms.Colquitt has like one brain cell left! GRRRAH!

  10. hahaha….yes….She Seriously does!!! She's sooooo durrrrr!

  11. God I know!

    Oh! Ay Justin! Checkie outie muh page!

  12. Hey Justin, I love this site!
    I've been racking my brains at this game and my current top score is 5430
    I love you tbh and would love for you to come around for tea sometime to talk about N Ninja

    Much love. Kieran

  13. this game is to most fun i had ever this game is full of action
    i love it

  14. dude, your awesome! i got to level 21!!! woot!

  15. jarome thinks the ninja is sexy! and i think there both doods!

  16. YES! I beat it. The WHOOOOOOLE game. Level 29 is by far the hardest, though. Took me forever to beat it. By the way, if anyone likes this game alot, you can Google it and download it on your computer. If you do that, you get up to 100 levels instead of 30, and you can make your own levels, too!

  17. this game is freakin awesome, i found it in college planning, makes the time pass much quicker thanks!

  18. dont know what level it was but i got far pressing k is fun this game is classic

  19. Hey Justin, your game is impossible! I'm just so addicted to it though! I play it every day in most of my classes-since we have laptops now-I just can't play it in fourth period. My friends got me hook to it. We check every day to see who has the most levels completed. Oh, Shawn what do you put when you google it?

  20. there is a much newer version. has 99 episodes, each containing the usual 5 levels
    there are user levels
    and you can make youre own levels too!
    its amazing!!

  21. does the ninja have a ponytail!?!? this is really important that you tell me because i have $100 riding on a bet that he does!

    please tell me!

  22. Wow…Maybe it's just this computer, but it keeps freezing and I can barely type because it takes 10 damn minutes for it to show up!
    Sigh…Just a little bit irritating.
    Well so much for playing games on this site, because this about the only game that actually loaded up for me, and I can't even play it…
    Well, still an awesome site, Justin.

  23. This is so cool i really like the feel of the game


  24. hey whats up man this is a pretty cool game and I really enjoy the challenge it gives me and all that jazz. Its not that bad and is something to keep me busy in the most boring class of the day.


  26. this doesnt work anymore? it used to.

  27. they blocked this game at my school! is there another way to access it?

  28. mine comes up as a white screen and when i right click it says movie not loaded

  29. MY SCHOOL BLOCKED THE GAME!!!! MY LIFE I OVERRRRRRRRRR! is there another site i can play it on and have it still work???

  30. K if u cant get on it at school then type in: n ninja on google and scroll down till u find a search saying "n ninja download" go on this and download it somewhere the teachers aren't going to find it. Then when its saved it might say something about extracting files. Let it do that and save the files in the same hidden folder. Then click on the zipped file. A load of notepad stuff comes up and a weird box. This box is the game. Double click on this and u can play n ninja at school, with 100 levels. This cannot be filtered easily at school as it is not a website; it is a flash animation thingy. It worked at my school. (P.S. You still have to configure it because sticky keys are such a bummer!!!)

  31. ummm…. like….. i think you make the ninja be able to fight. yeah thatll be cool. shitchia!!!

  32. its not workin on my school computer
    i would say only about 50% of the games you have here actually do
    we have fortiguard web filtering here and it even blocks websites that have proxies. could you post some proxies on your site possibly?
    (send me and e-mail if you want, i will let you =)

  33. want to have a lot of fun in the air hit the "k" key for an extra boost

  34. if you prees 5 (on numblock) and tip in waterfowl there you will come to lvl 99, thats impossible!

  35. Ok first i love this game. 2nd i just thought it would be good to give credit to the maakers of this game a group called metanet made this game and this game has won many awards. 3rd if it doesn't work on this website try at or also you can dowload the most recent version V1.4 at go there and click on dowloads. also they are making a new version of this game called N+ this game is being made for xbla psp and nintendo ds it has already come out on xbla but is going to be relesed august 13th 2008 so thats pretty much it oh and don't listen to butler that just makes you kill your self

  36. this game doesnt work on my school computer. ive tried and tried and tried to get most of your games to work. i only know 2 of the games on here work for me. and if this is N+ original then i would really like you to find a raw file of this or maybe a less graphical one, so it will work on my school computer. thank you

  37. white screen wat do i do?

  38. i really appriciate what your doing with the online games but im getting frusterated b/c theyre all comming out white >_<

  39. Well Justin i think this is a great site but it wont let me play the games on my computer it says it is taking too long too load. Well thanks anyways, uh once again great site, Peace.

  40. random guy from another school

    Justin u r amazing at making websites so y not just make a new 1? leave a message on wat it is and then everyone will go on it. after u put all these kl games bk on though.

  41. i lov this game ….i dowloaded about 2 years ago and i was surfin the net with ma psp and wondered if i could play it…btw u should upload left 4 dead flash game

  42. Great game, I love it. I bloody love it. I love it more than i love my dog jimmy. He's a great dog, But he's nothing compared to this game.

  43. Hey, I have devoted about 6 months to playing this game in my spare time, and I am happy to say that today I finally beat all 30 episodes. I can die a happy man.

  44. you should get more games the only games that work at my school are bubbleshooter and bowman

  45. if you guys think THAT is hard, try beating the full version, wich has OVER A HUNDRED levels Each more impossible than the other.

    PS: Wanna make and share levels? try pressing ' on the main menu.

    Alternately, You can also kill yourself mid-play. Just press K at any time.

  46. wicked game but im gettin stuck on most of the higher levels, its eems trying to get around 5 missiles following you is a tricky job…..even for a ninja, great game tho really addictive

  47. aaxsninjaassassin

    does anyone know any cheat code sites not blocked by school. Every time i search for one the same sites that are blocked pop up.

  48. yo it dont work on school computers
    if ue can change that in anyway please do

  49. Hey Justin,

    When I click the play online game, it just continues to load the page with nothing showing up. I can't get the game to appear.. What should I do?


  50. I'm on from a school computer and its not working.:/ .. We have FortiGuard web filtering too. The game doesn't show up, it just shows up as a white screen. I really want to play this game, but this is the only website that wasn't blocked. And I can't download anything onto this laptop because its blocked and I can't unlock it without out a teacher's permission.. :c

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