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Build an image slideshow with PHP & JavaScript

There are numerous scripts out there that use PHP to scan the contents of a particular directory, and create a "gallery" of sorts from all of the images in the folder. There are also JavaScripts out there that allow you to rotate between images in a gallery without refreshing the page – thus creating a slideshow on the page. Well, without having to know too much PHP or JavaScript, you can now have both of those capabilities in one easy to configure PHP class!

This open source PHP class is used to present images in a slide show without reloading the current page. It automatically generates the necessary HTML and Javascript to display the listing of images, on the page. Best of all, the images are scanned from a list of files in a server side directory, which means that you can just upload a new image and it will be there!

You can also easily configure the delay time between switching the images on the page.



  1. Anindya dasgupta

    I want to have a free downloadable code for slide show using php and javascript.

  2. hello!
    it would be nice if you could provide me a free code for this slide show. it's exactly what i was looking for!

    thank you!

  3. required for future website development

  4. Such an interesting solution, thanks for sharing it, so useful for a beginner like me !

  5. Hi There.

    I'd like to purchase this code from you, it seems just what I am looking for. I'm new to creating websites and at the moment only have a few all for mates of mine.


  6. Good site. It helps to enriche our memory on various aspects.
    Thanks Buddy

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