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Play Treasure of Cutlass Reef Free Online

Treasure of Cutlass Reef is a cool flash game requested by one of my site visitors. You maneuver your ship to avoid the cannon shots from other ships, and at the same time try to destroy their ships.

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know what level you get to and your high score!

"W", "A", "D" KEYS or the ARROW KEYS move and rotate your ship. To fire the cannons, press the SPACEBAR. You can see the carried gold, ship integrity, number of cannons and crew of the enemy ships in an info panel next to them. Plunder a wrecked ship by going close to it. You can also engage enemy ships in close combat. If all the enemy crew is taken out, you can plunder the ship. You can upgrade your ship in the shop after each level.



  1. i love this game but it dont work on school comp

  2. Can anyone else confirm if it is or isn't working? If it's not, I'll try to find the raw flash file and host it here…

  3. i tried it… but its not working…

  4. It should work now

  5. it works yay

  6. Thanks bro! I requested this

  7. it works for me

  8. I finished level 9! woot!

  9. YAY! I beat the game! 351878 was my score

  10. Gerald Duritzsky Jr


  11. this game called age of war i want it on here! please!

  12. Age of war is a kool game but i prefer my games that i like =D…but they cost alot of money just to but a stupid game over bad they dont give use much of a discount that would be fun lol XD

  13. This game works on my school computers, and we're low budjet… anyway, I beat the game, but forgot my score, it's pretty fun. May I suggest a game called Age of War? It's interesting, rather like a 'defend your castle' type, only you can advance through the ages and buy different things that become more powerful (and expensive) throughout the game.

  14. i love age of war, just not the fact that you cant shut the in game music off

  15. This game was easy till i reached the last fight!

  16. Can you stop puttin games on other site cuz out of the ones you have games on this is the only one i can get on so if at all possible please stop puttin them on other sites. thanx

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