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As most of you know from all of the programming tips on this website, I like to share knowledge. And I do get thousands of programmers on the website every single month looking for solutions to coding problems. However, the majority of my visitors are all you high school students, coming to my site to better your hand-eye coordination through my flash games.

Well, I had an idea to make this site not a complete waste of time (just a partial waste). I thought, maybe you're spending so much time on my site, that you're not dedicating enough time to schoolwork. And maybe it's affecting your grades…

So, I've decided to at least offer my assistance with your schoolwork and homework. I did well in school, so I know that I could at least provide some of you with some answers. I'm not totally sure how it will work, maybe you'll just post your question/problem in a comment below, and I'll answer the ones I can in a new post.

Make sense? Do you think it's a good idea? I need your feedback!



  1. cool idea, i dont usualy have problems though, sometimes i do in photoshop class where i go on your site but responses arent quick enough and i dont think most people are up this early

  2. I hate it when you die on the last small bubble or runn out of time and you are SO CLOSE! to winning the level

  3. Dylan,
    if I'm helping with school problems, I'll respond much more quickly to questions. Right now I have no reason to make a response all that quickly, so sometimes I delay.

    Oh, and kids in the UK are up that early!!

  4. really? for school or by choice?

  5. I think the sun wakes them up. They are 5 hours ahead of us in the EST…

  6. I live in the UK, the sun dosnt wake us up, we get up early to go to school! school starts at 8:40 our time and finishes at 4:15 our time. Is it like that in the USA?

  7. just to say also, it says time 8:33 on my last comment, but in the UK its 13:33 so yes we're 5 hours ahead.

  8. are you any good at arithmogons?


  9. I'd have to be refreshed…

  10. Gerald Duritzsky Jr

    I n33d help wit ma additin. 🙁

  11. Hey this site is a life saver, I have some computer classes, and when we aren't doing anything, It makes me sick when we have to just sit and be friggin quiet. Hate. Anyways, your helicopter game has saved my life some days. 🙂 Boise-ID supports you 🙂

  12. from 10:00 to about 4 for middle school

    and 7:05 to 1:55 for highschool

  13. we dont use 24 hour clock here

  14. well this websites pretty cool esecially because it's not blocked be the schoolboard system!!!

  15. hi, i love it is great. hehe. but i suck at helicopter game.

  16. this game is awesome this is the only game that you can get around the school security system, against games!!!!!!!

  17. i know that the helicopter game has also saved me from boring days in school during my web design class cause we hardly do anything in that class and this is one of the few websites that arent blocked from us going on. and also where do you live if you go to school from 7:05 to 1:15. cause i go from 7:55 to 3:15. your lucky.

  18. seminole high school in florida

  19. Great need a new helicopter game make a proxy the school cant block

  20. hey there is a game i would greatly appreaciate if you had on your site on there is a games called fancy pants or some tin with pants in it simple flash if you could get the first or secind game that would be great! thank you Justin

  21. The only thing i need help with is well Nothing….But it is a good idea..maybe my sister will leave me alone if i tell her these so i dont have to do her math homework lol

  22. Could you host a proxy server or post anonymizer links on your blog so that we can bypass websites blocked by our schools?

  23. I think this is a cool idea

  24. Yo Justin, great site, this is all i usually do in my typing class but a few tips, most of the games you say will work on school computers dont, we dont have the flash or java on our comps, so please look for games that dont require flash player or Java
    Thanks alot

  25. What is the powerhouse of the cell??

  26. I believe it is the mitochondria

  27. thanks 😀

  28. anyone played assassins creed yet? that game is so awesome i wann bring my 360 to school to play it

  29. whats assassins creed?!

  30. I think this is a great website because I play this ewvery day at school when I'm bored! It's great!

  31. heey, i think this is a great idea. and as a teacher i encourge you to
    go through this excellent project!

  32. assassins creed is one of the greatest games I have ever played. the graphics are amazing and just the setting and plot are prefect! it's just great. 9 out of 10! five stars and i think it deseves second greatest game of the year (behind halo 3).

  33. HIIIIIIIIII ! you didn't awnser my question… Do you get paid for doing this for money?

  34. I don't need help with anything. School kinda sucks though
    but thanks anyways ^_^

  35. do you have VB.Net Codes

  36. They blocked this site in school because of homework help on it!!

  37. halo is, eh not my kinda game its a bity to simple for me, and the sniping sucks in it.

  38. Hi there this game is so cool It is so annoying thet one last black bubble got stuck in the N on END on level 72!!!

  39. Hi I luv bubble struggle 2 (rebubbled) but the only problem is I cant get past level 27! Can anyone give me any tips or advise?
    Plz plz plz reply 2 this!

  40. i think dat itz a great idea, i mostly go in da website in history class…… itz so boring beyond ur imagination. 😛

  41. i have a programming homework, and i can't do it, i don't understand how to do it, can you help me please ?

  42. i am having troble on level 22 time keeps on running out it is not fair i wish that there was no time and on staying alive i wish that evrey time you get hit youre level tme will not go away

  43. Mario 64 game be poppin man!!! data like da best game up on here! but i sorta suck at dat sonic game LOL! but its all good doe…

    L'ville Chick

  44. omg i finally beat level 3!!!
    im so proud of myself
    i love you justin cook !
    your my life !

  45. I have math next period. Anyway you could help?

  46. hey i need help with solving equations by using substitution, can anyone help?

  47. I need help wit my math can u help me if u can maybe we can talk and become friends so can u help me be caues i need help wit my homework

  48. The only game I can load is bubble shooter. 🙁

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