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OK, so one of you awesome students requested "Flash Hero" as a flash game on my site. Ive never played it before, but it looks cool, so I'll go ahead and add it.

Hold the keyboard like a guitar (a little difficult if you're using a laptop). Use the "NUMBER KEYS" as the frets, the "BACKSPACE" key is the strum bar. Use one hand to play the frets and the other to play the strum bar.

Press the backspace key and the corresponding fret to play the note.
Controls can be changed in the settings menu.



  1. dam this game is awesome…still better with a guitar tho but it will have to do fo right now

  2. this darn game is only saying loading!

  3. The song named "I will Defy" is impossible, but still great game.

  4. I take back what i said. "I will Defy" is possible. I completed whole game on easy. Im startin learnin about medium difficulty. If anyone knows how to download this to my computer, pls send me mail on

  5. is there any ways to get over the firewall of my school so i could play? my graphic design class is boring…

  6. ok so, now ive done whole game medium and on hard too. I only need to do complete I will defy

  7. Restless won't load for some reason. I've beaten every song in this game on Hard, and I've Full Combo'd (gotten perfect on) seven of them: Plan A, Desert Rose, Little Wing, Big Blue Metalized, Space Pirates, Destruction, and Halfpipe.

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