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OK, so one of you awesome students requested "Flash Hero" as a flash game on my site. Ive never played it before, but it looks cool, so I'll go ahead and add it.

Hold the keyboard like a guitar (a little difficult if you're using a laptop). Use the "NUMBER KEYS" as the frets, the "BACKSPACE" key is the strum bar. Use one hand to play the frets and the other to play the strum bar.

Press the backspace key and the corresponding fret to play the note.
Controls can be changed in the settings menu.



  1. its not working on my school computers

  2. this game rulez especially at school

  3. this game rocks

  4. yea this is a fun game to play during a boring class รขหœยป

  5. Hi, this is an awesome site you have here, I have made a few sites myself (unfortunately none really successful), I would like to compliment on how it's going, I really think you have a nice site here. Many people here know about it and play on it, some have gotten in trouble by it, but oh well, what host do you use?

  6. yo justin, great site but could ya get some new games? the ones that run on the school comps are pretty boring =/

  7. Joe, that's probably because your school proxy probably blocked it off. At least, it's source anyway.
    It's a great game, too bad its blocked.

  8. This wont work on my computer even if i have cookies enabled and i have java. when i get to the game it says that the song is un-available on the first song so… im wondering how i can fix this

  9. must…have…braaiins!!!! Wait i mean more games.

  10. so yeah the sites cool but the flash hero does not play on my school computers its just a white screen

  11. Hey Love the site man! rock on! i only wish i knew how to make a website like this..anyways peace!

  12. I like this game, but one thing bothers me. How does it remember what songs I've completed? Does it keep a history file somewhere on my computer?

    It's weird because I shutdown my computer, and played the game today, and it still knows that I've completed the game.

  13. Daniel: Flash games keep history on the servers people play them on.
    Anyone that can't play: You can't play because the blocked

  14. Sweet now I ca play guitar hero ANYWHERE!!!!!!

  15. yo this is a sweet game but the only thing is when ur losing and not hitting lots of nots it still has the ppl cheering about 3/4 of the bar up even if ur going down. this irritates me because i want to know when im losing not having ppl cherring for me when im losing!!!

  16. Man this is the best rpg of guitar hero ever and i think the only too. this game rocks!

  17. dude this is an awesome website i love it and im a boy.
    Suggestions it would be awesome if u can play drumkit online maybe u guys can make it this is the best site i ever been.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINISH FLASH HERO YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This game doesn't work on my school computer

  19. this is taking too long to load, im just gonna play guitar hero instead =D

  20. this game is awesome at school and home just stared playing yesterday

  21. is there a way of putting this on your bebo

  22. Would you please post the game shapeshifter.

  23. umm mine doesn't work it takes so long to load

  24. Kayy when i pres bakcspace it goes to my last page ๐Ÿ™
    how do i make it so that dont happen?

    tell me –

  25. Is there a way to download this game its really frikkin awesome its like portable guitar hero i luv the flash work

  26. This game is awsome! I like this site better than others bcuz its the only one i know that saves your progress! WoOt!! awsome job!

    P.S. ~ why does it save ur progress? It's cool but a little creepy!

  27. each song takes ages to load

  28. hey I would just like to know if it's possible to reset the settings. So that I have to unlock all the songs again. thanks

  29. cool game i beat it in two days on mediem on hard i cant get passed discruction (the third song) and i cant get passed raitio of cahos on mediam

  30. this is a sweet game……but i think you should get some more songs…..every song you beat on hard.or medium or maybe download some more songs…..idk but get some more songs…..they rock………….

  31. Wow I love this game although it has 6 keys its still a great game with new challenge for guitar hero experts.

  32. awesome!! =]

    im soooo glad thats it working again!!

  33. this is a great game and i can play it as school cause that's the way found out about it any way can this be played on psp?

  34. Hey ppl. How do ALL of you have time to mess around on the computers at school? And dose this have all the songs that guitar hero has? Im not finished yet. xD ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. wow this game rock

  36. When i play a green note with any other note, it doest work. it says im not hitting it. but when i play it with just green it works fine. Can anybody help me out here?

  37. this system will be terminated in 2 days

  38. Heyy Hon.<3.
    i got through all the songs over and over and over. time for some new ones! haa. Much Luhv<3

  39. I am having problems!!! Every time I click on play it shows the Loading part but it returns to the beginning and never lets me play the game. Can someone help me with this please? I really want to play this game!

  40. OMG!!! i luv this game!! It's SO much fun and when ur at school… u can play this, LOL!!! Anyway, luv the game! great job! and KEEP ROCKIN'!!

  41. This game totallr ROCKS!!!!! Im a girl and i love this game. and it wud be fun if you made a drum set out of this……..I love this game!!!~!


  42. i cant beat the song ratio of destruction its hard even on easy
    bye the way this is an awsome game

  43. OMG!!! the song space pirates is on Castle Crashers!!!

  44. is there any other site that has this game (my stupid school's PC is not letting me, do ya'll know any?

  45. I love this game! this is wat i do when im bored im a loser and who eva plays this game is in my crew! we are all losers! so were kids wat else we are supposed to do!!!! lol

  46. This game rocks my socks off=)
    I loveeee it. You guys should make this game longer or ake a rock band version. Yay!

  47. i love it so!!!
    another rose!!!

  48. Not bad, i like that it has 6 frets, not to hard at all. got to ratio of chaos or something like that…havent played it yet, just zipped through a few songs on hard. anyone play bf2mc for ps2? i'm [AME]_Shemyaza ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. OMG…i <3 guitar hero o u culd go on thiz game at that is kind of lik guitar her0 but itz camp rock!!!!itz awzome!!u shuld try it cuz itz lik sooo much fun soo yea lik i said go 2 ok ty bye..o if u hav a myspace my e-mail is……add me i hav lotz of games of guitar her0 on my blog ..ok thank u ty thank you!!!!

  50. the loading time for this on my computer takes FOREVER!!!!

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