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How to get the iPhone working on Roger's EDGE network

I'm quite happy to be the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone, which may or may not be unlocked and running on Roger's network in Canada.

Now, hypothetically, if someone else were to unlock said iPhone, and want to use it with their current data plan through Roger's, they will find that the standard EDGE settings simply don't work. The iPhone accepts them, and seems to connect, but no data is sent or received, it just hangs on web pages and mail connections.

So I did some searching around the web, and I found EDGE settings that work. Just go to Settings > General > Network > EDGE, and enter:

user: guest
pass: guest

And it works! Voila, iPhone data-rich goodness all over Canada!



  1. hey,
    I just did what you said and it works. Only question that I have is that I am registered for a a data plan. All the websites I go 2 or videos I watch are being charged to that data plan correct. I am with Rogers and have the 300mb plan. Any websites i visit by your message is under those regulations or cost right untill i go over my 300mb. Or am i Being charged by rogers as if I had no data plan.

  2. I have subscribed to a data package with rogers and I am not able to connect to the internet through the edge network. I've notice your solution to use as my APN and so on, but when I go to the network settings page, I have no EDGE as an option to enter my configuration settings. How can I add EDGE as a network on my iphone?

  3. Do you have the 3G iPhone? If so, the 3G data connection should be automatic.

  4. I don't own the 3G. I bought my in the states back in May. I assume that it is the 2G.

  5. have you tried the username of wapuser1 and the password wap?

  6. The only option I have to configure anything is VPN, Edge is not an option. You should also know that I have recently updated my version to 2.0. Thanks

  7. Hmm, then I'm not really sure how to help you, sorry

  8. Hi Gino,

    Did you figure out your problem with not having any edge setting in 2.0???? Cause I am having the same problem as you!

    If you know please Help


  9. Okay, so here is what Ive learned from unlocking my bosses iphone:

    This is for a Rogers Cell phone working in canada. This is first gen.

    1. Unlock the phone (Iphone Pwner works really well)
    2. Install OpenSSH
    3. SFTP to the phone (system->network->wifi-> ip address)
    Username is root, pwd is defaulted to "alpine" with openSSH
    4. Grab the carrier.plist file from carrier folder
    5. Update with AllowEDGEEditing = "yes"
    6. Go back to your Iphone and goto system->network You won't see "Edge setting" you will see "celular data network". Pretend this is edge. Use the following APN info:

    APN –
    USR – wapuser1
    PWD – wap

    You now have edge on your unlocked 1st gen Iphone. Expect a tiny write up for this for the canadian customers in a few hours.

    No Staples, only paperclips.

  10. 2. Install OpenSSH <<network->wifi-> ip address)<< HOW?
    Username is root, pwd is defaulted to "alpine" with openSSH<< HOW?
    4. Grab the carrier.plist file from carrier folder<<<HOW???
    5. Update with AllowEDGEEditing = "yes" <<network You won't see "Edge setting" you will see "celular data network". Pretend this is edge. Use the following APN info:

    could relly use some more help here I change the settings To:
    user: guest
    pass: guest ….and it worked for about 2 mins now Can't get to work again I have pay as you go talk and text unlimited browsing? sim work in sony Erickson ( can browse) but not in my unlocked iphone grrrrr HELP please

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