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How to create custom favicons

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Favicons often go unnoticed by webmasters, but I like to think they’re an important part of any website, because they can be the symbol of your website and can leave a message to your audience about what they can expect from your business or blog. Favicons are just the small icons that appear in your browser’s address bar, just to the left of the web address itself.

The default favicon for any Joomla-built website is the Joomla logo, which can be really annoying to webmasters who want their business or website to reflect their own style and preferences. For example, if you already have a business logo, you’d rather see that as your favicon instead of the Joomla logo, right? It’s just more professional and gives your website an overall feel and design.

So let’s change the default favicon in Joomla to your own personal favicon!

1. Build Your Favicon

Visit a Favicon Generator website, such as Dynamic Drive’s Favicon Generator. Browse your computer for the proper image file and then click “create icon”. If you like the way it looks, download your favicon. It will auto-save it as “favicon.ico”, which is good.

2. Delete and/or Replace

In your /images folder, you can find the default Joomla favicon, which is called “favicon.ico” as well. You may either delete the old file completely or simply FTP your new favicon into the /images folder and replace the existing favicon.

3. Clear Cache and Voila!

Clear your browser’s cache and refresh your website. You should see your new favicon displayed immediately.



  1. I wonder why many websites don't have it at all.

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