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How to fix an Xbox 360 with sound but no video

My brother-in-law recently gave me his broken Xbox 360. Unlike most other broken 360's out there, there were no 3 red-rings-of-death (RROD) indicating some major problem. Instead, when you turn it on, it seemed to start up just fine. Well, you could hear the audio of the startup, but there was no picture.

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So I took the thing apart, to see if I could find any obvious loose connections or solders. Nothing. So, I did some digging online. I found out that you can fix it much the same way as you would the common RROD issue, by removing the x-clamp from the GPU, and using screws to reseat the heat sync.

I pieced together the fix from around the web, and took the following steps to fix my video-less 360:

  1. Downloaded this guide. (highly recommended)
  2. Used the tips from this guy with the same problem
  3. Then, used this step-by-step tutorial on removing the x-clamp
  4. And just to make sure I got it right, watched a number of videos on Youtube showing how to disassemble the Xbox.

I did however make a mess of some of the plastic casing of the system, but who cares, it's working! I also managed to actually get the RROD when I put all the casing back on, so now I just leave the top off. Go figure.

xbox 360 fix


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    […] while you got it open you might as well go ahead and do it. here is an artical on how to fix it. How to fix an Xbox 360 with sound but no video And as for the account being to big.. IDK man. I have never heard of that […]

  2. My unit had the no video with audio problem after the GFX started to glitch. I sent it to microsoft for repair claiming the e74 error. It came back repaired without a hitch. What does this mean? You can send your unit in for this issue and it is covered under the RROD/e74 extended 3 year warranty as long as you CLAIM the e74 error!!

  3. In June, my xbox had the no video problem again. So i decided to take the thing apart this time..Man was it dusty. After blowing the dust out, i used my same method of heating, freezing, and hitting the sides as i did previously, and my xbox has been working since.

  4. Overheating the unit. Worked. I placed the unit in a box, covered the intake with a towel then covered the box, waited 1/2 hour then rebooted. Everything works now.

  5. If you have the RROD, i suggest getting an external cooling system called Intercooler, they're not that expensive, and it fixed mine! Thanks for the info, and i'm planning on trying this out as soon as I can.

  6. ..i tried this and it work.
    this is what i did…..open the xbox/take out the motherboard/heatsinks,put some thermal paste.i heat it up with the fan plugged in for 35 mins,then i off it for 30 mins…. Credits goes to scottycd…here,s the link to the video..http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xbox+360+no+video+fix&search_type=&aq=0&oq=xbox+360+no

  7. Does this actually work for the video not working on HDMI or AV Ports, or is it just tagged to get more traffic?

  8. Hello I've had this same problem for like 6 months or something. Can you halp me please? email me or something my email adress is: apinto_95@hotmail.com

  9. I just encountered the same problem and we took the box apart after trying different cables, tv's and games. Once apart, we applied power and started a game with the cover off. Once it started, it was working fine, displaying a good HD display at 1080i.

    We started pushing the DVD tray and when pressure was applied at the rear, the problem would re-appear until we reset the DVD player. It appear the DVD player contacts the heat sink below it, causing this problem. We are going to let it run for the next hour and if the display is still crystal clear, we will put a rubber spacer between the DVD player and heat sink below it.

    If all works well after that, I'll repost on here letting you know, seems a very simple fix.

    Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I bought this XBOX 360 as it was "broken" with the RROD. We redid the thermal mod and of course it worked fine. However, everyones solution to this "no signal" was apply the thermal mod, which we had done before. Wish me luck.

  10. Hay guys i just read every single blog that is up on this website. To tell u the truth i dont know on what to do. i have 3 xbox360 in my house. 2 for me and 1 for my brother. i of my xbox has the video issue, and i really dont care about it but i would like to get if fix some how for free doing the frezzing thing i read. now my other xbox is the issue at hand. the damn thing is scraching up my disc and wount play half of my S@#$, so i need help with that because last night i picked up my copy of cod mw2 and the damn thing dosent want to play soooooooo if any 1 is out there that has any ideas please email me back at derric3296@yahoo.com lol sad face!

  11. YES this does work for units with no video output and no RROD.

    Had no red rings but no video (using HDMI). Roughly 2yr old Elite system with the "better" GPU heat sink. Tried various connection methods, still no video. Read up on it and decided to try this method (replace x-clamps with screws and washers).

    *** Tip for removing the x-clamps is to use a steel tip dart – works perfectly to pry between the stud and the edge of the clamp.

    Did the repair – pretty easy. When done got the 3 RROD and immediate power down – could not overheat the GPU. Loosened the screws 1/2 turn, retested and it was green light and running for 30 seconds then 3 RROD and power down. Tightened the screws 1/4 turn and bingo. Unit ran for 5 minutes till it overheated the GPU and it totally powered down – no green light this time. Cooled for 30 minutes with Hard Drive removed. Hooked back up and like magic – HDMI worked perfectly!

    Torque on screws is the key to proper spacing (an of course using the right washers). Don't give up if this fix appears to not work. Adjust your screws.

    Great post and solution! Thanks!

  12. Alright, i did the towel trick a few times and got it to work for a day or so. We dont have a warrenty so we tried your x-clamp trick and it worked!! Its been about 3 months since then and BAM! Same problem. Im wondering what to do now since i already did the x-clamp trick. Help anyone??

  13. Thanks a lot for the info guys! The X clamp mod and GPU overheat worked like a charm! I had a few bumps in the road as I had never really done anything quite like this before, but the result was great! My recommendation is to follow the guide!

  14. I did the whole x-clamp replacement as carefully and perfectly as I could. Now when I plug in the power supply the light on the supply changes from orange to red and absolutely nothing happens (it won't power the xbox at all). I've spent 20 buck and a whole long evening for nothing 🙁
    I am tempted to try it on a friend's power brick, although I don't want to break their power supply if my xbox has a short. I'm frustrated after seeing all the positive posts. Prior to doing the x-clamp fix I had sound but no video and the normal green light on the power supply and xbox.

  15. i Had the problem last night i was able to fix it with some ruber pieces or as it is know the penny trick i dont know for sure if that actualy did the trick cause i also removed the x clamp and cleaned the gpu but i did reatach the x clamp again.

  16. 90% of the work is adding top of the line thermal paste eg: arctic silver 15 , Correct amount of washers and screw size. 32 steel washers and 16 nylon one on each side of the board,…. M$ went low end and put cheap paste on that's why all the gpus and cpus overheat. I have had 100% success rate fixing rrod… lol so good I actually started doing it as a service 🙂

  17. Previously I had 3 RROD and i fixed it with the penny trick. Then a few days ago i got the 1 red light, and i managed to fix this by taking off the x clamps and cleaning the graphics processor unit thingy. Now it works but i have no video. (sigh) Here i go again :/

  18. xbox 360 2 red lights and orange power supply.

    […] had that problem in over a year so I forgot exactly what happened to it and now I only have Ps3. http://www.justin-cook.com/wp/2008/0…-but-no-video/ see if that link helps at all. Main in SSF4: Chun-li, Boxer Main in BBCS: Tsubaki Need your […]

  19. It worked very surprised I received an xbox360 from a friend for free had sound no video took the thing apart did the xclamp fix plugged it in and worked right away I honostly cant belive it was the biggest pain though cause ace hard ware kept giving me the wrong parts but 6 trips latter its all fine so far hopfully it will last but only time will tell.. but a big thanks to the author for this much!

  20. i dont know what to do im so confused i have the same problem but i dont know what any of the things you said meant

  21. Your a legend!! After getting the kit in the mail I had my Xbox up up and running in under 2 hours. I honestly thought this wouldn't work coz ive never opened an Xbox or PC before but the stepby step instructions made it all too easy.

    Thanks champ!!

  22. @Username00011000 Actually on ebay you could buy the revised cpu xbox 360 hetasink made of nickel for very cheap and put it on the gpu. The only problem though is you would not have space for the cd-rom. You could recable or buy cables and extend the cdrom on top of the xbox 360. I would suggest 2 ram hetasinks near the gpu processor as well. A complete fix like that would cost about $30-40 and the do it yourself time. Or you could do what I did, but you would have to watch my videos to see.

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