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Where to buy organic diapers

As I mentioned in my last post, we just had a baby. It's all going well, he's sleeping and eating fine. And oh yeah, he poops a lot!

I have to say, one of the best purchases we made for the baby was organic diapers. We did the childbirth classes (like Lamaze), and we found out the following lovely pieces of information about disposable diapers:

  1. The padding is bleached pulp. It is whitened with chlorine bleach. Urine is full of ammonia. When ammonia and chlorine mix, they produce nitrogen and hydrogen chloride. So that's what's going on in your baby's diaper when he pees!!!
  2. The little silicate balls that are put into diapers to absorb liquids work wonderfully at soaking up liquids. They also keep the diaper warm and moist for a long time if it's not changed immediately. Warmth+moisture = breeding ground for yeast, and also if you've got a baby boy the heat can inhibit development… down there. Yes, your super absorbent diapers may result in a super impotent son!

So, due to this, we invested in organic diapers. They're not cheap, but they're reusable, and healthy. We got ours through Quiet Nights, and they recommended the Bamboozle diapers. We're quite happy with them, they seem to be very comfortable!



  1. I think this is good tips…
    Maybe I'm not married yet but it help me ,.

  2. science of identity foundation

    Man I've never hear of that before. But yeah the commercial ones sound scary

  3. Check out IdealBite.com, it has a mothers edition/section that gives eco tips for those with children.

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