Infolinks is an excellent way to monetize your blog

OK, I'll admit it: I'll never be one of those guys who earns his entire income from his blog, and gets to sit around in a housecoat sipping coffee while he thinks up the next thing to write about (ironically enough, I actually am sitting in a housecoat with a coffee, but that's only because I just got up). Anyhow, this blog has become a popular destination for web programmers and students, and I have put a lot of time into it, so I'm happy to say that it does give a little something back to me.

If you're building a blog or website based on solid content that is going to be useful to a number of people, I would highly recommend that you consider monetizing it. For me, there are four main ways to make money on an average website:

  1. Contextual ads (e.g. AdSense)
  2. In-text link ads (for me it's now Infolinks that provides this)
  3. Affiliate ads
  4. Direct ad sales

If you're trying to decide which to use first, here's what I have found to be the results:

Contextual Ads

Adding AdSense was the first thing I did. It took a bit of time to get approved, and of course figuring out the whole placement and color thing took some reading. Adding it to my blog was moderately easy. I'm content with the earnings, but it's always variable.

I would say the only major drawback of AdSense is that you've got big blaring ads on the site! Some people think this makes the site look professional, but some think it degrades the look. Oh well…

In-text Links (Infolinks)

I joined Infolinks in January of this year, and the results were quite surprising. I admit, I had very low expectations. It's not something I heard a lot of buzz about, it was simply that one of their reps contacted me because I was running another in-text link program. They claimed they'd have higher earnings, so I figured I'd give it a try. Besides, I really hated the clunky reporting interface of the other provider!!!

The setup was a snap. I literally had to add one small snippet of code to enable it across my entire site. I was also pleasantly surprised at how helpful their support was, even recommending a specific text color based on my theme.

Of course, what matters most is the revenue. I was quite happy to see that they lived up to their claims, I regularly make 2-3 times what I did with the other network. I think if I can get back to blogging more regularly I can continue to increase it even (obvious gasp).

The admin/reporting interface is simple & uncluttered, and I love that they offer PayPal as a payment option! It means I get paid on time, no more waiting for Canada Post to deliver my US mail :).

If there is any disadvatage it's that some people may be confused thinking they are links that I'v linked to, but I think that's rare.

Affiliate Ads

I can't really sum up affiliate ads in a few paragraphs, as that's an entire pursuit unto itself. However, the concept is that you're placing links to products on your site, and earning a small commission when they sell. Suffice it to say that I haven't been all that successful with this endeavor, but I chalk it up to the fact that I haven't put enough time into it.

So yes, that's what I would say the major disadvantage is – it's quite a learning curve, not a simple thing.

Direct Ad Sales

At this point direct ad sales are yet a concept to me, yet undiscovered. I would think that with 130,000+ visitors per month and a definite audience segment this blog would be attractive to certain big brands. But I really don't know how to get this hooked up.

So, I guess I'll say that if you're reading this and you represent a media buyer for a major brand, please contact me!!!!


So there are numerous ways to draw income on a website. Infolinks is by far the easiest that I've tried, and continues to generate regular revenue for me. AdSense is good of course, but takes a little more learning and testing. The others, well, the others just take a heck of a lot of work!

Anyhow, I'm done – now I have to go change and get to my real job ;).



  1. Thank you for your good info but it is not easy as you said
    how much you get from adsense?

  2. Hi Justin. Are you the one who wrote the constant contact module? If so, can you update it for 1.5? If not, do you know who wrote it? Thanks!

  3. indeed, an enticing write-up to sign up for infolinks. 🙂 Infolinks is truly one of the best in-text link ads network today. 🙂

  4. I've also started on Infolinks. Just 4 days now. Hoping to see positive results.

  5. Thank you 🙂

  6. we are using infolinks for the past 6 months and its really doing great for us

  7. It has annoyed me once to have found an infolink within a textlink of mine leading to one of my pages. My own link was pointing to an advertising page. No way, I could prevent the infolink, except by removing the code from the particular page.

  8. Thank you Mr.Justin

  9. thanks for sharing the great info. will looking on it too

  10. Hi,
    I receive many letters from infolinks, so I want to know how much it cost?
    Thank you

  11. Hobby and Technology

    congratulation for you to win this contest

  12. Hai guy,

    infolink is the best one place to monetise your blog. please join and wait and see for your income

  13. Thanks but i have used infolinks before and got $2.8 for 477 clicks!! its really cool ha!!

  14. Quite of course, It is challenge efforts, Ok, We gonna see the most idustrious and vibrants owner of sthe active sites for the infolinks adwork.Infact, I love this.

  15. How can you keep track of your affiliate sales? I did ask Infolinks before but got no answer until now.

  16. I'm Using Infolinks for the past 4 months and its really doing great for us

  17. I have into infolinks a month ago… Though it has a problem with how relevant the ads on my content, but still it's good…

  18. Someone told me that infolinks is really low with their payment. Isn't it right?

  19. Very good analysis of various ad schemes. Though I have been using info ads in my blog, I don't think that I have made a breakthrough not to speak of lot of money.

  20. brigitte hutchings

    Thanks for your comments, I have found that infolinks is active and gives value.With mechanics minimal.(not very technical.) Adsense is more intense and intrusive.(harder mechanics).But all in all things going well as I learn the ways of monetisation.

  21. yes indeed infolinks is a great source of income. i just signed up there for almost a week and my earnings now is quite surprising..in just 2 day from the day i signed up..it almost tripled my 2 day earning with other ad campaigns..

  22. Infolinks does not live upto expectations.. They have poor ads targeting ie. Shaadi.com a marriage portal shown even on a tech blog like mine even for technical terms.. The CTR is only 0.01/click.. For a Contest like nintendo wii it's better to blog on this as ads network and fool others… For shaadi.com check the XHTML tips cite & srtike thay point to shaadi.com.. Mr.Author If you have an alternate version Come on reply this comment….

  23. Thanks for the info on infolinks. I have applied for my new site and just waiting for their approval.

  24. Hello Justin,
    I like info links, it works for me without being intrusive. I eventually decided against adsense..too loud leery and wouldnot listen when I asked them specifically not to include aerosol/antiperspirant people on my website.To me it was the big boys being deaf.
    like your site.

  25. i have joined infilinks three days ago
    i have just 4 click & i earn $0.04
    I dont know it is a trusted site or not
    can anyone tell me??

  26. Yes I too found infolinks oublisher friendly. apart from that they have a nice site interface. Earning obviously is the biggest draw. I have made $ 90 till now eagerly waiting for my first payment in feb.. thanks for this excellent info..

  27. i just joined……i hope they pay well

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