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I just wanted to make a brief post about the ranking software I've been using very happily now for over a year, it's simply called Rank Tracker. I highly recommend it to anyone who either runs an SEO business/agency, or even just has one website but is serious about organic search ranking.

I used to use a free online rank tracker at Digital Point to track all sites and keywords, but it had a few serious limitations:

  1. no support (it was down for over a week once, not good when you're running a business!!)
  2. no regional search engines, only .com
  3. no reporting capabilities
  4. limited history recording

I struggled with it for some time until it was finally down for a week, then I knew something had to be done. I downloaded a few trials of different paid solutions, and ended up settling on Rank Tracker, which I've kept ever since. Here are just some of the features I love:

  • regional search engine ranking support (can track in for example)
  • highly flexible custom reporting
  • KEI calculation is integrated
  • it's very fast, and even faster when you use you API keys
  • awesome historical graphing

Anyhow, I highly recommend it. It's only $87 USD, which is a negligible cost for the value it offers. Anyhow, if you're interested, check out the features, download a trial, or buy it now.



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  2. This tool is also good but i would recommend for real time stat tracking

  3. I used to use that software, before discovering the hard way that they have some sneaky small print – the software only works for 6 months!

    After that you have to pay them again. They claim it is in order to keep up with google's "algorithms" (as though you need to know the algo' to see where a site ranks for a given query?)

    I also used to recommend this product – now I go out of my way to NOT recommend it, due to the way they appear to hide the real pricing structure. At no point while purchasing did I ever realize I was only paying for 6 months use of the thing!

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