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I-IBC 28" LCD Monitor Review – Piece of Junk

I recently upgraded from a 22" to a 28" LCD monitor. I was thinking of going for 30", but there was such an incredible deal at TigerDirect on the I-INC 28" (iF-281DPB) that I couldn't pass it up. Nor could I justify spending an extra thousand dollars from only two more inches.

But the old adage has proven true – you get what you pay for!

I admit that I didn't had huge expectations – the monitor only offers 1920 x 1200 resolution after all. I've had to zoom out in my browser to have things appear in a relatively non-chunky manner.

However, my beef is that I'm now on my third, and it's still defective. The first one I bought, got it home, H94-2801-01and it had a dead pixel in the bottom right corner. So I immediately drove back to the store (good thing I didn't buy online) and exchanged it. I got the replacement, got home, and lo-and-behold, this one had TWO dead pixels!!! However, it was too late in the day to make another trip.

A few days later I made the trip back for my second exchange. I got the new (third) monitor home, and yet still, there's another dead pixel!! Call me crazy, but this seems like an outrageously high failure rate.

Anyhow, I've realized that it will now cost me more in time and gas to keep replacing these pieces of garbage. So, I'm going to put up with the dead pixel for as long as I have to, until I can afford a quality monitor – or at least one with no dead pixels.



  1. Oh noes one dead pixel 😉

  2. It is really a sad news that your defected monitor is still not replaced. And I think you should try at least once more,Try to contact head of the service center or the manager, i think you will definitely get some meaningful response.

  3. Hey, why don't you have them hook one up at the store?

  4. I got the same monitor, I love it. I bough three of them and all are working with no dead pixels.

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