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Play Ski Simulater (Simulator???) Online

I was looking around for some popular flash games to post on the site. I found this one – Ski Simulator. I was kind of hoping it would be like that old Ski.exe game we had on our 386 Windows 3.1 machine. But it was not to be. It's more like a first-person ski game, which just gets faster and faster.

Drop a comment and let everyone know how many posts you're able to get!

1. Move your mouse around to carve left or right
2. Move your mouse forward to go faster
3. Don't do what I did and just try to smash into trees



  1. HamadaFromPortla

    well i dont even know if this is a game>> <<but i tryed to play and all it shows is a white screen im playing at mi skool and well thats it plz right bak

    PS:This website is frikin amazing!

  2. I tryed this game just now, I feel it is very fun. And I look forward to that you find some more funning games.

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