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Resurrecting a dead college directory

So, I'm trying out a little project here. In the past, I've listed and provided dropped domains with PageRank. Really though, they didn't prove to be of much value. Once the next PR update hit, they usually dropped the little bit that they had, and became useless. This time I'm testing something new out. I've found an old site, which is over 10 years old,...
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PHP Web Hosting

If you're looking for cheap PHP web hosting with a reliable provider, then this is exactly this information you need! I've written many popular tutorials on hosting and PHP web programming, so it only stands to reason that I know a thing or two about how to actually host PHP web applications ;). I've been through over 10 web hosts now, and I've finally found...
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How to find expired domains with PR

For a little while now I've been publishing some lists of domains that are available to register, which have PageRank because they were previously registered but are now expired. A few people asked me how I was getting those lists, but I never really explained it, because it was quite a laborious process. Every day I would download a list of about 60,000 expired domains,...

Lots of available domains with PageRank

Today's list is a good size. These are all PR2 and PR3 domains, and I've made sure that none of them obtained their PageRank by means of redirects.

Available domains with PageRank – 05/22/07

Here are some great domains that are available, with pagerank! I especially love the Who consults with a Yeti after all?!