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Writing a post from Greece

This is just awesome. I'm sitting in a little cafe in some town in Greece called Nafplion or something like that, sipping an Ouzo. Life is good.
Random Musings

My first post from my iphone

This is extremely cool. I'm using the wordpress app on my iPhone to post this. This is going to come in handy while I'm in Europe!
Random Musings

How to fix an Xbox 360 with sound but no video

My brother-in-law recently gave me his broken Xbox 360. Unlike most other broken 360's out there, there were no 3 red-rings-of-death (RROD) indicating some major problem. Instead, when you turn it on, it seemed to start up just fine. Well, you could hear the audio of the startup, but there was no picture. Get the XBox 360 Red Light fix – Guaranteed to work in...
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Where to get written term papers

Now, I don't condone cheating in any way. However, I recognize the advantage of being able to 'leverage' the creative power of others to be able to produce something even better. So, if you're faced with the task of writing term papers in the near future, it would be good to have a good reference source. So I found a great resource for you to...
Random Musings

Sorry for the down-time

Looks like my site was down for a couple of hours today. I apologize for the loss of any gaming time you may have experienced! It seems the site is getting to popular, and it was using too many hosting resources. I've implemented a caching plugin, so hopefully that fixes the issue. I also apologize for the lack of posting in the last few days....