Should I get satellite radio?

So, I love listening to internet radio at work. I basically listen to WOXY and KEXP every day, and always hear some great new music. I usually end up downloading albums or buying them from the artists' websites or eBay, and if I really like them I go to see them when they come to Toronto. Anyhow, the problem is driving. Radio stations that I...
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How to access & listen to your MP3s remotely

I'm very excited to write this post, this is exactly what the digital music world has been waiting for! If you're anything like me, you have a large collection of MP3s on your home computer. (I won't ask you where you got them…) Now, what happens when you want to listen to your MP3s at work? Or another computer in your own house? Or visiting...

Unsigned bands

I love independent music, by unsigned bands. Generally speaking, they tend to me more raw, more artistic, more expressive. This is simply because there's no label influencing the outcome of their art.

It's almost too much music news!

I've been planning a serious music blog with a number of different writers for some time. But as of today, I may be shelving those plans permanently, thanks to a new site that I more or less don't stand a chance against.

American Idol Forums

If you're an avid fan of American Idol, or even just a casual viewer with a viewpoint, you may be interested in discussing your thoughts of the show.