Google is helping spammers get to your inbox

Pretty much all major anti-spam applications and appliances use URL Blocklists as one of the components in fighting spam. Basically, the first time a piece of spam comes through, it's analyzed, and the spam URL in the email is entered in the database. Now, every other piece of mail that comes through with that URL in it, can quickly be flagged as spam and blocked....

IP Network Level Threats

IP network level threats face any application that is connected to an IP network such as the Internet or includes campus and corporate networks. Servers and clients for Email and web applications have faced these threats for ten years or more, and the range of threats and the technologies used to exploit them is well understood. However new threats are constantly emerging as is evident...

Why are Microsoft Office 2007 files are being detected as ZIP files?

A number of email administrators have complained that Office files are detected as ZIP files, and therefore blocked by their spam filters. The reason for this is that Microsoft is actually using ZIP to compress the documents.

How to fix: Spam messages not being moved to Outlook Junk mail folder

When running in non-cached mode, Outlook 2003 can prevent server-side Junk mail filtering rules like MIPE from running. This behavior was introduced after installing Office 2003 SP1. Enabling cached mode fixes this.
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What are Session Border Controllers?

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are the tele-com industry’s answer to the VoIP security problem. SBCs are designed as gateway products supporting multiple protocols and often providing protocol translating services. SBCs provide some security features but these tend to be limited to NAT services and checks on messages to ensure that they conform to the protocol specification. SBCs typically do not provide content controls and do...