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Free Advanced Editor for Web Development

Ace HTML Pro is an advanced code editor for web developers. It can work with HTML, XHTML, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, WML, XML, Perl, PHP and JSP. You can manage projects in a Visual Studio sort of way, and there and handy features such as FTP uploading, and search and replace through folders and sub-folders. The application sells for $69.95 US, but for the next two...
ASP Code, DHTML Code, JavaScript Code, PHP Code

Dynamically Populating Select Menus Client-Side With JavaScript

This JavaScript function will enable your web application to populate a drop-down menu of items on the fly, based on the selection of another list, without reloading the page. I also provide the code to build the arrays by loading them from a database with ASP and PHP.
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How to Easily Parse Text With ASP

Parsing text in ASP is not the easiest task. If you only want to extract text from the right or left side of a string, it's no problem. But if you need to extract from the middle of the string – or parse HTML or XML tags or attributes – it can be quite difficult if you don't know the exact location. So I built...
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How to Write a Spider/Bot With ASP

Would you like to retrieve and parse the contents of a remote web page with ASP, maybe extract and index all the links? Maybe you're planning to build your own search engine, be the next big Google competitor ;). Well this function will show you how to build that with ASP.
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Display Directory Contents with ASP

This code will display all subfolders and files of whatever directory it's in. It uses the FileSystemObject to get the directory contents, and displays each item as a link. This is a perfect solution for building an image gallery with ASP.