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ASP.Net – Validate postal/zip code based on Country

ASP.Net 2.0 comes with some powerful input validation controls. It's east to add a RequiredFieldValidator to a form, to ensure that the user inputs data of some sort. But what if you need data in a specific format? And what if that format changes? The example in this code uses a RegularExpressionValidator to check the proper format of a Zip code. However, if the user...
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ASP.Net – Easy String Formatting

With classic ASP, string formatting and concatenation can be more than a pain. Line after line of 'strSQL = strSQL & "more text"' can be painful and very problematic. With ASP.Net and C# however, I've recently discovered the beauty of string.Format(), and just how easy it is to build strings with it.
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How to Decompile .Net Code from a .DLL

Any application that runs in .Net is compiled to MSIL and stored as .dll files. Sometimes it would be handy to be able to de-compile the code, and examine the source functionality. This is especially true when you've lost the source code to an application you've created!
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Send and Receive XML with

This code will enable you to transmit XML to a web service or an application with XML APIs, and receive the XML processed and returned by the server. The code is in C#.
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ASP.Net 2.0 – Populate a TreeView from a Hierarchical Database

The control is perfect for implementing hierarchical structures in a User Interface, and this code will show you how to actually get the data into the control from a 'parent-child' database table. This code makes use of a recursive function.