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DHTML – SEO-friendly drop-down menus with CSS

Many DHTML drop-down (fly-out) menu solutions are complicated to implement, require complex JavaScript arrays, are resource intensive, and can't be read by search engines. This code addresses these issues, and allows you to create menus from <ul> lists very easily, which are SEO friendly.
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CSS – Make your links into pseudo buttons

With this little snippet of css, you can make your text links look and behave like HTML buttons. Put this CSS into the
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Create Tabs with CSS and JavaScript

With this code you can make any of the content of your page tabbed. You can take long sections of content, and put it all into one concise tabbed interface that users can click through instead of scrolling. You can use this code as-is, all you need to do is modify the "Page" divs, and/or add more of your own.
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Three Column Layout with CSS-2

It's pretty easy to create a table-less layout using 'float'… if your site is two columns in layout. But if you've tried to add in that third column, you're probably just about ready to go back to tables! Well here's the simple CSS code you can use to achieve those three columns in any CSS-2 compliant browser.
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DHTML: Fade an Object or image in and Out

This function is great to dynamically fade images in and out. You could use JavaScript to dynamically change an object's display to 'block' or 'none', or change the visibility. But this is much slicker. With compatible browsers (IE and Mozilla/FireFox) it fades the object in or out at the rate that you specify