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Make an object stay on the page when scrolling

It's pretty common to see a nav bar or some persistent menu/object floating on a web page as you scroll dow it. Well here's the code to do that yourself. You can set the specific location for the floating object, and when the web page is scrolled down or up the object will float to that position as slow or fast as you set it...
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Easily create recurring PayPal subscription URLs

Well, I've recently had to create some URLs for people to send me recurring PayPal payments. I find that if you have to modify it at all for a different subscription it can be a pain, gettting lost in the URL encoded string and PayPal parameters. So I whipped up this little JavaScript form to easily craft the recurring payment URLs. Here you go, just...
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How to make a link open in a new window with XHTML

The old-fashioned method of opening a link in a new window is to use the attribute target="_blank". Unfortunately, if you use an XHTML validator, you'll find that this attribute has been deprecated. Originally it was proposed to use the 'rel' attribute, like this: rel="external". Although this validates, it doesn't cause the browser to open a new window. So, here's a way using JavaScript to have...
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Build a Basic Calculator With JavaScript

Here's some rather simple HTML & JavaScript code I've found to include a fairly basic but functional calculator on any web page.
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Create a Scrolling Check Box List

If you are using the CheckBoxList control in ASP.Net, or you just have a bunch of options for users to check, a large number of check boxes options can take up a lot of room on your web page. Also, you may have a <select> with a lot of options, you need to allow multiple selects, but it also takes up a lot of room,...