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Use a DHTML Slider on Your ASP.Net Page

I found this great free DHTML slider, completely styled with CSS code, no images required. However, as with all XHTML objects, it is stateless. So when used in an ASP.Net application, it doesn't retain the value across postbacks, and goes back to the beginning on the slider position each time. Here's the code to store and retrieve the values.
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Create a Code Preview Box on Your Website

If you post any client-side code on your website, it would be nice for people to be able to work with it and test or preview it live. This code uses an iframe to enable real-time viewing of your code. You could use this simply as a DHTML code editor, or you could even extend it to create your own WYSIWYG editor for your web...
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Free Advanced Editor for Web Development

Ace HTML Pro is an advanced code editor for web developers. It can work with HTML, XHTML, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, WML, XML, Perl, PHP and JSP. You can manage projects in a Visual Studio sort of way, and there and handy features such as FTP uploading, and search and replace through folders and sub-folders. The application sells for $69.95 US, but for the next two...
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Dynamically Populating Select Menus Client-Side With JavaScript

This JavaScript function will enable your web application to populate a drop-down menu of items on the fly, based on the selection of another list, without reloading the page. I also provide the code to build the arrays by loading them from a database with ASP and PHP.
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DHTML Text Typing Effect

Use this simple function to achieve the effect of having text typed out onto your website. You can speed it up or slow it down by changing the number of millisecond of the interval.