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Make a Random Password Generator with PHP

Sometimes you just want to use a different password that is more secure than what you normally use. It's not always easy to get that password. Dreaming one up typically means that you will use at least some portion of the password that is associated with something you know. On the other hand, you may want to create an automatic registration system (such as in...
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PHP: Parse a Substring without Chopping Words

Often times you need cut off a specific string of text to get just a piece of it, perhaps to fit an excerpt of the latest news on your homepage. When you want to do that, you'll need to use the substr() function to do that. The main problem with this though, is that if you create a substring of certain length, you can easily...
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PHPCart payment processor for Chase Paymentech (Orbital)

I was working on a project recently, implementing the PHPCart ecommerce shopping cart solution. The merchant uses Chase Paymentech as their credit card processor, and the PHPCart website mentioned that there was a gateway already made. However, I quickly found out that there wasn't so I had to code one myself! So I'm offering it up for free as open source.
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Build an image slideshow with PHP & JavaScript

There are numerous scripts out there that use PHP to scan the contents of a particular directory, and create a "gallery" of sorts from all of the images in the folder. There are also JavaScripts out there that allow you to rotate between images in a gallery without refreshing the page – thus creating a slideshow on the page. Well, without having to know too...
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How to parse a CSV file with PHP

It's a very common feature request in any web application to be able to upload data in a CSV file rather than having to manually enter every single item. In that case, you need to build in some intelligence to be able to parse the data from the CSV file.