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How to add a color picker to your PHP application

Using a color picker is a very common tool. After all, who can remember RGB and HEX codes for colors anyways? With sites becoming as application-like as they are, you may be in the situation that you need to add a color selection tool, or color picker to your own site.
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Edit MySQL database tables with PHP and AJAX

Every week I look at the PHP Classes newsletter to see if there are any cool new submissions. This one is perhaps the most exciting and promising that I've seen in a while!
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How to find postal codes within a radius in PHP

Local search is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in online marketing and search in general. It's becoming much easier to search online for a local pizza shop than it is to check the yellow pages!
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Where to find free phpLD mods

php Link Directory (a.k.a. "phpLD") is the most widely used directory software in the world. It's a feature-rich application, with years of development, and thousands of users behind it. But of course, there is no script in the world that meets every single user's needs. If you're looking to start your own Web Directory using phpLD, you'll no doubt find that there are some things...
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Learn how to create Joomla templates

Create beautiful Joomla websites with a flexible layout from I wasn't always the Joomla module and template guru that I consider myself to be now. There was a time when I was completely lost, looking everywhere for information on how to create a unique Joomla template, even going so far as to download the Dreamweaver extension that has the quick tags to make a...