SEO Optimization

Search spider updates – Google Preview Bot and a New Bingbot!

So, we had a bit of a crazy thing happen to us at work (Convurgency) this week. We have a very advanced website – Flash interface for people with full browsers, but then the very same content has a basic HTML rendering for mobile devices and search spiders. We noticed some incredibly strange errors in how Google and Bing were indexing our site this week....
Online Games

Play Raft Wars online for free

Basically, in this version of the old Tank Wars game, you're a baby who has found some gold and diamonds on the beach, and now you have to defend against pirates. Somehow this chubby little baby has figured out to fire a cannon – you just have to help him aim and power it. Drop a comment and let us know what level you get...

Gmail (Hosted Apps) spam filters have gotten more agressive!

I noticed today that Google has made a serious change in their effort to stop spam, particularly that of phishing emails. I use a hosted application that generates emails every time a specific action occurs. But all of a sudden today there were no emails. I checked my spam folder, and there they were. I noticed something new about these emails:

How to find a person's name from an email address

So I recently got an email from someone on Craigslist, and needed to find out a little more about them. The email address gave me no information about who they were, where they lived, or who they worked for. I googled the address, but nothing valid came up. So I had to find a decent email address lookup tool.

Lazy AdWords Advertiser Fail

AdWords is an incredibly powerful and easy tool that enables advertisers to feature their website to people that are searching for, or reading about, relevant information. In fact, that's how Google funds Gmail, it places these relevant ads within your Gmail window, next to any email you are reading, contextual to the emails' contents. Usually these ads are pretty bang on, and usually I just...