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How to force Google to update a cached page (or can we?)

Ok, here's the situation: we have a webpage that we have completely refreshed, and we want Google to pick up the new page. However the old page had a meta revisit-after tag, specifying "30 days". Can we force Google to refresh this page sooner than the 30 days, and get it to ignore the old Meta tag? Let's find out!
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How to add Google Rich Snippets

It would appear that pretty much anyone can add rich snippets for any site. I certainly hope that Google finds a way to prevent this 'gaming' of their SERPs, and soon.
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Search spider updates – Google Preview Bot and a New Bingbot!

So, we had a bit of a crazy thing happen to us at work (Convurgency) this week. We have a very advanced website – Flash interface for people with full browsers, but then the very same content has a basic HTML rendering for mobile devices and search spiders. We noticed some incredibly strange errors in how Google and Bing were indexing our site this week....
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The cheapest SEO deal I've ever seen

OK, this is one seriously aggressive marketing campaign, perhaps the most aggressive that I've seen from any SEO company to date! Agilis marketing, a Virginia SEO Company is offering a 'Holiday' special, where you can get your website on the first age of Google for any search query, for only $99! Even though the query has to be at least three words in length, this...
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My very first Youtube video!!!

Yes, I know, it's lame, but until today I've never posted even one video on Youtube. It's not that I didn't know how, or was scared to or anything, I just didn't need to. And I suppose I still technically don't need to, but I'd like to start experimenting with Universal Search, and the embedding of video clips into search results. By the way –...