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An interesting new link building service

As all online marketers know, acquiring solid inbound links is essential for the success of any website. Search engines may index your site and its content, but it's not until you start to get real links that you'll achieve decent search ranking positions. This is simply because search engines count inbound links as "votes" for your site, and the more votes you receive, the more...
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200 Niche Blog Network

Well, I am temporarily unable to attend to business through DigitalPoint forums, because of a two week ban. This is a real shame, and will no doubt cost me some money for the next two weeks :(. The worst part is that I'm still not entirely sure of the reason for the ban. Oh well, suck it up I suppose! Anyhow, if you'd like to...
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Not impressed with SES (Toronto, 2007)

I attended SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conference Toronto two weeks ago. I would have written this earlier, but I got busy and forgot. A post yesterday by ShoeMoney reminded me that I wanted to post this. What re-inspired me to write this is not actually the post itself, but one of the quotes from other speakers – from Neil Patel. He's quoted as saying: The...
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Going to SES Toronto tomorrow!

This will be my first year attending Search Engine Strategies! Well, the conference portion anyhow – I have been through the exhibits. I'm looking forward to leeching some great information from some industry experts! If you're an SEO in the GTA, and you're going, and would like to meet, feel free to contact me!
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A quality online marketing blog

Internet marketing blogs are a dime a dozen. I honestly look at a new one every week, and am quite regularly cycling them through my RSS reader. However, there are very few that actually keep my attention and RSS subscription, and that continue to provide valuable content that is actually worth reading.