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A new foray into paid blogging, by an established player

I was pretty excited when I read my latest Linkworth newsletter.
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PPC Management Software

A couple of years ago, many companies that venture into marketing online were exploring the option of Pay Per Click advertising, and sourcing a provider. Google AdWords has become the most popular, and generally speaking it is the PPC suite that most companies start with.
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Are paid text links doomed?

At Digital Point forums, the link sales forum in the Buy/Trade/Sell section is very popular. I see a lot of people buying and selling links, blog posts and WordPress themes based on PageRank.
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101 Great Free SEO Tools & Resources

With Search Engine Optimization there is simply no 'one tool does all' (yet). So I've compiled a list of 101 great tools and resources to help your site's SEO strategies. The best part is, they're all free!
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I would love an e-traffic jam for my sites!

First of all, I've got to say that this is a very original name for a Search Engine Optimization company: eTraffic Jams.