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I've been blogged!

I just wanted to post a quick note, that I was interviewed and blogged about by the Association of Internet Marketing & Sales (AIMS). Here's the link to my interview!
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Free link tracking tool for link buyers

Due to overwhelming feedback, I've decided to allow free access to my link tracking tool. Free accounts will be ad supported. In case you missed my last post, here are the features: * Incredibly fast, intuitive and easy to use interface! Click for full size – Link verification tool * Track an unlimited number of sites/pages (depending on your plan) on which you're advertising your...
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New link verification tool for link buyers

Getting text links on authoritative sites is a very effective way of promoting your own site, and the business in turn. It can also have long-term benefits to your search engine ranking. Many online marketers pay big bucks for high quality links, on sites with high PR and/or lots of traffic. Generally the link is confirmed when the transaction takes place, but after that they...
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V7N: aka 'Google Killer'

I've got a feeling this is going to be huge.
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How to get a page's Google PageRank (PR) with PHP

I was recently looking for an easy way to lookup the Page Rank for a given page, site or really any URL. I've seen lots of tools out that that can do it, and many of them allow you to integrate the tool into your site. But those require a lot of extra work, and they just really display the PR. I wanted to actually...