HostGator honors their uptime guarantee

Since I joined Hostgator near the beginning of this year, I've been quite happy with the service. There has been almost no downtime whatsoever, and the speed and support is always excellent.

However, I've read in some forums that a few people who have tried to get them to honor their uptime guarantee have had a hard time, and given up. HostGator has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with a full month's refund if that isn't met. That means if you even have 44 minutes of logged downtime, you qualify. 44 minutes! That's not very much!

I just wanted to write quickly and say that they do indeed honor their guarantee. I had just over an hour of downtime for the first time, ever. I wrote support, they fixed the problem. I asked if I'd be receiving a refund, and shortly thereafter I received an email from Billing, stating that my account had been credited for one month's worth of hosting. I am a happy camper, and plan to stay with HostGator! 🙂


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