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How to play flash games at school

Most schools have internet proxies that don't allow students to visit popular online flash game sites, like MiniClips, etc. So if you're a student, and you're looking for an easy way to get around those firewalls, here's your answer!

Basically, over the past couple months, my site's traffic has been exploding. Most of my site is filled with technical stuff, web development code, and SEO tips. However, when I looked at my web analytics and comments trends, I realized that the vast majority of visitors are simply searching for some popular online games. My helicopter game alone gets the highest amount of traffic out of all the hundreds of pages on my site.

So, if you're a student, and you want to play online games at school, you can just bookmark my site, and visit the online games category! If you have any requests for new games, just ask for them in a comment, and I'll get them up! Oh, but please don't use my comment box for chatting or inappropriate language, I'll delete the comments and ban you.

Oh, and one more cool thing. If a teacher comes, you can quickly switch to one of my programming tutorials to make it seem like you're actually learning something ;).



  1. thank you justin-cook for keeping me alive at school

  2. monsterpigeon ';,,,;'

    you should put up the game called "World Domination" 😀

  3. monsterpigeon ';,,,;'

    thanks for world domination, but it doesnt load on our schools computers.
    can you put on the game "Interactive Buddy"?

  4. Do my other games load? Does page load? Is the game portion blocked?

  5. monsterpigeon ';,,,;'

    everything loads, except for a few games that require things our school doesnt have. everything else loads.

  6. Can you please make an addition to the website. If you can, put on "Adrenaline Challenge".

  7. can you put a game called halo on the page you have a awsome website and it is the only website that works at our school

  8. monsterpigeon ';,,,;'


    about interactive buddy… no go

  9. Please add Extreme Heliboarding to your site. This game rules!!

  10. monsterpigeon ';,,,;'

    its alright though, im just gonna play when i go home:]

  11. Please stop using these comments to chat, or I'll have to disable commenting and take no more requests

  12. Tony the Tigers a male stripper

    yo can u put Ragdoll Physics on

  13. whats up my homie g justin cook can you add any adventure strategy games

  14. Tony the Tigers a male stripper

    Justin Cook, are you secretly a hairy, 44 year old male escaped convict named Tiffany whp stalks 12 year old girls through this website?

  15. Who told you????

  16. Tony the Tigers a male stripper

    yo u r a savage Justin Cook!


  18. Because you swore. I'm contemplating banning you and disabling comments. I will maybe post the games that have been requested though.

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