A new spin on pixel link sites

So I just received a link to MillionDollarWebTV.com. I really had no idea what to expect. When I initially went to the homepage, the first thought in my head was "oh no, not another attempt at selling 1 million pixels for a buck a piece!. But what stood out to me was that the layout was different, the pixel blocks are larger, and the icons readable.

Ok, so I'm still a little confused, I clicked the 'about' link. This helped me get a better idea about the site. It seems that it is indeed a pixel selling site, but has a much more defined marketing approach. You have to buy at the minimum 10×10 pixels, so that they can present truly recognizable icons. Also, you have the option of sharing in future profits on any of the pixels that you legitimately purchase – which I think is cool in concept (unfortunately, the site has enough disclaimers that it really downplays the potential profit sharing).

I think it's cool that each advertiser has a video that plays. Unfortunately, that means that no one will be buying the links for PR.

One thing that could be improved is the actual pixel purchasing process. The invitation I received was "Join Our Web TV Ad-venture at MillionDollarWebTV.com". But it wasn't as easy to do so as I'd hoped! Intuitively, I'd like to be able to click on the pixels I want to buy, and be taken directly to the order form. Unfortunately that's not the case – you have to register first, and this may dissuade some buyers.

I'll keep watching the site for PR & Alexa gains. If it does indeed become popular enough, then I may even recommend it to some of my advertising clients. Until then I'll keep watching the blog, which details some of the success stories of their current advertisers.



  1. Thank you, Justin for your honest review. It's very valuable to us as we designed the site.

    I appreciate your point about making the ordering process easier. The registration step gives added protection to the site and the advertisers too.

    Sometimes the link to the advertiser's site might not not visible in the video player's window, but it is always there to add to the the advertiser's PR.

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