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My blog is worth $90,000

So, apparently according to Technorati, somehow, my blog is worth $90,000. I'm not sure how or why, but here's the undeniable and indisputable truth:

My blog is worth $90,890.94.
How much is your blog worth?

Do I have any buyers? I'll even take $89,000, if you pay in the next 5 minutes :).



  1. Internet Marketing Blog

    Oh, too bad…

    $88,500 is the most I'm willing to pay.

  2. but.. anyway why it's worth $90,890.94. ?

  3. I guess because of all the traffic and backlinks.

  4. you must be sleep to charge that much for your page i would never even pay!!!! your soooo weird

  5. Why is it worth 90,000? i just dont understand that

  6. well all i would bet is 5,000…Not going any higher depends tho

  7. I wonder how many people have $1,000,000's worth of virtual blog assets.. not sure you could offset it against a mortgage though

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