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Majic Jack in Canada Review

This is a guest-post from my friend Andre Israel. What can I say – the guy is thorough!!

I'm sure most of you have seen the infomercials for this product before, and if you were sceptical about it, let me tell you:
I was too! But you know what? All I can say now is that, based on MY experience, since I got it two days ago, I am VERY happy with it!

The sound quality seems to be as good as a regular home phone!

In fact, because it's working so well for me, I am HIGHLY considering cancelling my Bell home phone altogether, but I'll still occasionally check my voicemail messages on it until then.

Oh, and the Magic Jack costed me only $39.99, and this includes the first YEAR for free.
After that one year, the price to renew is only $20 US a year (or $70 US for a 5-year plan, which would save you $30).

I've wanted to try this Magic Jack for a loooooooong time, but the fact that you were only able to get a US number assigned to you was a big turnoff for me. However, only recently did they (the Magic Jack company) start to offer you a Canadian phone number!

You pay an extra $10 per year for the Canadian number, so the cost is really about $30 a year, not $20, but this is still a GREAT deal.
And the 5-year plan would be $120 ($70 + $10 more per year for Canadian number).

Either way, people can call me on this thing, as they would call any land line, and I can call anywhere in Canada or the US for free!

All you need is a computer with Windows XP or better, a high speed internet connection (even high speed LITE would work), a USB port (which pretty much every computer has), and any regular phone (or cordless, as I myself am using). Oh, and you need a credit card.

For making or receiving calls, the computer MUST be on, with the software running, buuuuuut even with the computer OFF, you (or anyone else) can still use it's voicemail, and also you can have your calls forwarded to another number (by changing your settings online, which can be done fairly quickly, but I haven't tried this feature yet).

I am NOT endorsing this product, so I don't want to be held liable if anything should go wrong, or it doesn't work well for you. I don't benefit in any way by telling you about this product, but all I'm saying is that it's definitely worth trying out, in my opinion. You might even end up ditching your home phone line!

Mind you, you WOULD have to have either Rogers internet (which does NOT require a Bell phone line) or "Dry DSL" if you are to cancel your Bell home phone, because all DSL internet providers still rely on using Bell's physical phone line in order to offer you their internet services.

Be warned, though, that when you install the software that is built into the Magic Jack, there is a VERY lengthy Terms And Conditions, which you MUST agree to, otherwise you can't proceed.

If you like, I can email you these Terms and Conditions to look at before going and purchasing the device.

From where I bought it, they said there are no refunds, so I was taking a chance, but then again, I am paying about $43 a month for a Bell home phone, so the price of the Magic Jack was about the same as just ONE month of Bell, so the choice to take a chance was a no-brainer.

For more info on the Magic Jack, visit their site here.

Most of your questions are probably covered already, if you check out their FAQs/Knowledgebase section.

You can get it at Tiger Direct for $44.97, or you can get it from Fortune Computer or Tech Direct for $39.99

This may all sound like some kind of advertisement, but it's not.
I'm just a regular guy trying to help people save a few bucks off their phone bill, and I hope it works well for you, should you decide to give it a try.



  1. I have been trying this here in US and have been impressed with the quality vs cost…
    I think its a good product if you dont wanna pay $25 for ur land line and still need a land line

  2. thanks for the info I just got one and I am loving it! I need to set up the voice mail though.

  3. Hey there is a typo buddy, "majic", you mean "magic". But this is a great tool! I dont know what more can you expect from a payment of 3.49month for all that features!!

  4. I have used magic jack since it came out a couple years ago and wasn't even being sold in stores yet.

    I think its an amazing deal and why didnt they come out with this sooner? also, cheers to magic jack for pricing it fairly and not ripping us off like the big telecoms do! i mean, really, its just a phone line…what the hell was i paying 30-45 a month for AT&T???

  5. Just find your site and like it.
    Thank you very much for sharing this.
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  6. Just read your comment and reviews. I've had my Magic Jack with a Canadian number for 2 months now – and love this thing!

    I will cancel my Bell home line now, and save over $50 per month. Magic Jack cost $50, plus $10/year for the Canadian number. Payback less than 2 months!

    I get free voicemail that is simple to use. Neat feature is that voicemail notifications are sent to my e-mail. These notifications include the calling number – and they also include an audio clip containing the voicemail – which I can access and listen to from my Blackberry without incurring voice minutes. The e-mail can be forwarded to someone else, and I have the option to save the message on my computer – neat!

    When I travel, without my laptop, I can take the magic Jack with me and plug it in to any computer – and presto – my landline is with me. I don't need a physical phone as Magic Jack will use a computer's speakers and microphone.

    When I travel with my laptop – my family and friends can call me as if it was a local call – for free, and unlimited, from any phone.

    I figure I'll save %540 in the first year, and $590 a year after that. The three year savings will be over $1,700!!

    People say "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" – and that is the message we should be giving to our usual phone providers… You want to charge $50/month for service I can get for 95% less? That's too good for THEM to be true – for much longer.

  7. I've heard that it is very difficult to uninstall the Magicjack software once you installed it in your computer. As well as some people say slows down your computer. Anyone investigated this fact?

  8. I see that the Magic Jack seems to work. I had heard so many negative reviews in the past. It really feel good to see that others are experiencing something better.I have always been a fan of MagicJack. When I saw it advertised I was hooked. This is an incredible product.

  9. Question – If I purchase a Magic Jack unit for the purpose of using it in Mexico, am I able to call a Canadian land line without any charges or does the Canadian recipient require a Magic Jack number?
    Has anyone used a Mexican number?

  10. I'd be very grateful if you could send me the "terms and conditions" for the magicjack. I've seen the odd negative comment about but then again… I've seen thousands that love it.

  11. Be very carefull,, i have had my majic jack in service for 1 yr but started using it more frequently since july. Yesterday my MJ was out of service,it directed me to the purchase page, i noticed that I was close to 1yr and renewed for an additional year. Now I have the same issue, the chat room MJ customer care(note no Phone number on website but here is a number that noone seems to answer and directs to website 561-594-2140) representative states that I violated their use policy for using up more than 20times the avg user, and my MJ is disconnected and no refund. I asked why was there no notice of termination and why would they charge for an additional yr and disconnect within 24 hours and was basically told that "that's the way it is" I have only used it for 3 mths, to call family who are also on MJ. I tried to contact again via chat and was told that they will forward to another dept and to check my emails periodically..
    It's not about the money, but all about getting ripped off….

  12. Sounds pretty cool, but google's free phone offering in Gmail can't be beat at the moment, in my opinion. This is probably more versatile, though.

  13. I have been considering trying Magicjack for my home phone since seeing the adverts on tv. Thanks for the review Justin.


  14. I started using the magicjack again when they added Victoria numbers. The quality is fantastic and even with the $10/month extra it's a great deal. I find using it with a headset is way better than plugging in a phone though.

  15. I'm in Alberta,Canada and just packaged my MJ to send back .I dont find it practical..First it has about a 2 second delay where you wait for the person to talk,then they are somewhat cracking up.The other thing is when someone called me they would have to put a one in front of my assigned phone number looking like they were calling long distance.. Everything combined makes it not practical for me at all.
    Neil Winter… Calgary

  16. Hey Justin & Andre,

    Thanks for the informaion about Magicjack! I've been debating the issue for the past few months as my boyfriend has just lost his job and rogers has been charging me a ridiculous amount for 2 cellphones and the internet. I am sure your not surprised there… I will be ordering mine this week and will get back to post another comment by the end of the week with my own review 🙂

  17. I had the magic Jack for a year. just expired. At first I was upset with it and tried to return it but was told I much for money back guarantee. As with another family couldnt call me without paying longdistance in the same city. Also I can't make 1-800 calls to government offices etc. Now I try to renew and it won't accept my renewal ..says I am putting in a visa # when it is not. Found a place to "Chat with a live agent" not very helpful although polite. I also now have to wait for an email to tell me what the issue is. So much for saving Money. Oh yes and also a few months ago tried to purchase overseas minutes and couldnt then either. Not very dependable. Hopefully they can resolve these issues.

  18. If you live in Canada,beware of this product You cannot use your existing number as they advertise so you have to get a new number. You can only get a number based in a large community so if you live in a small community and a friend across the street wants to call you thay have to pay long distance.
    Also I paid extra for fast delivery and received the product two weeks later, but they were still going to charge my credit card at the 30 day mark.

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